Why do white girls like black guys so much?

Now, get a grip folks: this is not me trying to rant on about something or offend anyone. I HONESTLY just want to know. Seriously. I'm black myself, see no problem with interracial relationships, and have kind-sort-ish dated a white girl in the past (I like all girls). But as I've gotten older I've noticed this fascination in black people by white girls more than any other girls.

Let me tell you what brought about this inquiry. Just yesterday I was going to the mall for a job interview at Zumiez (for which I was granted on the spot!) and I was sitting in my car with my door open just adjusting my headphones before I got out. A girl (yes she was white lol) walks by my window with her friend, gives me a thumbs up, says "looking gooood" (just like that), and her walks away smiling.

This is just one of the many encounters over my life. Seems like white girls are the only ones that have the courage to approach black guys that they think are cute. I hate to use the word "intimidating" but this is what people use to describe black people, yet I'm probably the furthest from that (Jamaicans usually aren't), so maybe this accounts for it? I don't know.

I want to hear from white girls that love or would never date a black guy! What do you guys think? Is this just being very nice? Or is it fulfilling some "exotic" fantasy? Men, what do you think? Once again, I like all girls and I really don't want to offend anyone by making a generalization, I'm just curious as to why I get hit on by white sisters even more than my black sisters?



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  • I'm a black girl and I really don't approach guys. I was raised that it was "fast" and desperate to do so. if a guy is interested in getting to know me he will approach me. It just doesn't look right for a girl to approach a guy, most of the white girls who do that are usually hoes (sorry its the truth). Not just white girls, but its mannish for any girl to just start approaching a guy like that..I know yall are flattered by the attention but at the end of the day, would you really take a girl like that seriously?

    Also black girls get judged a lot more harshly than white girls do. even if a white girl is a hoe, its okay because its seen as "she's free spirited" but if a black girl does the same thing she's just a "nasty bitch". Even in high school the white girls that gave head and had sex werent looked down on but the black girls that did it were seen as trash..So I feel that if I were to be forward with a guy he would look at me like I'm a hoe and not respect me.

    The guys that I know approach the girls they are interested in. If they don't approach you either they thought you werent cute or didn't want to talk to you that bad. so why would I go out of my way for a guy that didn't see me as good enough to talk to? All that does is boost his ego but it doesn't benefit the girl

    • dang I feel you girl. a lot of my girl friends who are black say the same things. its not good to get bent out of shape over it tho, just realize that in some cases this is true.

      however, I don't think you should think about this and NOT approach guys. You should! I love it when girls approach me, in fact all the girlfriends I've had have come to me first. I put a strong emphasis on my black women, and I think you should be strong and be a go getter girl!

    • You're full of shit, wind your neck in sweetheart.

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  • I soon to be married to the most wonderful black man in the world!

    • Glad to see that we still have ignorant racist morons on this site. Just to make your day I should let you know that I brought one mixed daughter into this world and whether it is a boy or girl we don't yet know but another is on the way. If it is a boy I'll name it after you Strider90 you ignorant ass! As for ThunderChild I'm going to do my best to keep the race mixing going with the hope that one day your ignorance will only be heard of in history books.

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    • So many frustrated, butthurt people here. What happened, buddy? Did your girlfriend cheated you with a guy from a different race? Good :D :D :D Certainly it won't be the last time...

    • Those downvotes... People are crazy. This isn't the first time that I have seen this. I don't understand why people can't just date within their race if they want to and leave the people who are in a interacial relationship alone.

  • I find black guys a little intimidating, just because-in my personal experience- they come on EXTREMELY strong. And that puts me off. Also, most of the ones around here love to live up the the "ghetto" stereotype and make themselves look like uneducated neanderthals looking for a quickie. My mentor and best friend is black, though he's also gay, but he has shown me that there are plenty of black men that are educated and value women and aren't the least bit intimidating. So at the moment, I am equally attracted to all races (Though I find Asians extremely sexy lol). Honestly though, I just think a lot of women see black men as being easy because many of the ones I've seen will hit on anything with a pulse.

    • ouch. thank God I'm not like that. Shit, if there is no reciprocation, she can take a hike. I won't waste my time. Although, if you want a guy that comes on really soft, he's probably going to be soft in a lot of other things. I say have confidence no matter what someone tells you, just do it in moderation.

    • LOL DONT SHOOT! zimmerman was intimidating,and look at what happend .so when is the next clan meeting / :)jkd

    • @Damienthedemon welp your a fucking idiot

  • I've dated a black guy, but it never had anything to do with his race.

    I've never noticed a preference for any race.

    You've noticed something so interesting... maybe you're special?

    • lol, what do you mean by "special'? LMAO

    • Haha, maybe the girls are seeing something more than your skin colour in you :)

    • This is what I'm shooting for! lol.

  • Hi, I'm a white girl who generally prefers black guys, but will really date any race, and it really has nothing to do with stereotypes. Liking a certain skin colour is a lot like girls preferring tall guys or short guys or guys with a certain hair colour. The issue is purely aesthetic. I don't care if a black guy I like acts ghetto or wears a suit and tie every day. What matters in terms of an actual relationship is respect and kindness.

  • 2 of my sisters prefer black men, and so I have 2 mixed nephews as a result (I also have 2 adopted nephews, a brother-in-law and cousins who are full black), so in no way shape or form do I have anything against black men. I prefer white though, I just couldn't see myself with a black man.

    • thank you for that :)

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  • WOW hold up everyone, I was born black, raised by whites and sold out by both. When it comes to dating, if she ain't white, that ain't right. I love white chicks so much that I even listen to white power music in the honor of those pretiest living creatures on earth. WORD

    • I just laughted so freakin hard... A pieceof apple that I was eating just flew out of my mouth. LMAO. I really hope you're just kidding tho lol, trflin.

    • 2mo

      Lol that was funny tho

  • I'm black, and when I date outside my race, I tend to avoid girls who exclusively date Black guys. I vastly prefer girls who would be willing to date any race. Girls who exclusively date Black guys tend to have preconceived notions/stereotypes about us that just aren't true.

    Take the girls in these videos for example:



    • Good God, that was revolting, lol. I feel you bro. Being black myself, I used to think the same way (still sort of do, but I have certain exceptions now). I don't get too hung up on it tho because either way, it works out in my favor, if you catch my drift ;D

    • I found those videos to be extremely offensive

    • Good for you?

  • black people love to express themselves, in a fun way.
    white girls love to enjoy life, ( if speaking about blondes ) without thinking.

    I am a race that is neither white nor black but I do kick it with both races.
    so its mainly their personality that white girls are interested in, and I can agree to that, I feel more at ease with great positive attitude "negros" ( excuse my N word (pls :) ) ) & gringos ( excuse my Spanish )

    Just my opinion, feel free to express yourself below. I don't mind #seanpaul

  • The use of the word "swag" was used way too many times in this thread therefore it should be deleted.

  • If you live in an area that is mostly populated by white people, then you're more likely to encounter white women.

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