Why do white girls like black guys so much?

Now, get a grip folks: this is not me trying to rant on about something or offend anyone. I HONESTLY just want to know. Seriously. I'm black myself, see no problem with interracial relationships, and have kind-sort-ish dated a white girl in the past (I like all girls). But as I've gotten older I've noticed this fascination in black people by white girls more than any other girls.

Let me tell you what brought about this inquiry. Just yesterday I was going to the mall for a job interview at Zumiez (for which I was granted on the spot!) and I was sitting in my car with my door open just adjusting my headphones before I got out. A girl (yes she was white lol) walks by my window with her friend, gives me a thumbs up, says "looking gooood" (just like that), and her walks away smiling.

This is just one of the many encounters over my life. Seems like white girls are the only ones that have the courage to approach black guys that they think are cute. I hate to use the word "intimidating" but this is what people use to describe black people, yet I'm probably the furthest from that (Jamaicans usually aren't), so maybe this accounts for it? I don't know.

I want to hear from white girls that love or would never date a black guy! What do you guys think? Is this just being very nice? Or is it fulfilling some "exotic" fantasy? Men, what do you think? Once again, I like all girls and I really don't want to offend anyone by making a generalization, I'm just curious as to why I get hit on by white sisters even more than my black sisters?



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  • I'm a black girl and I really don't approach guys. I was raised that it was "fast" and desperate to do so. if a guy is interested in getting to know me he will approach me. It just doesn't look right for a girl to approach a guy, most of the white girls who do that are usually hoes (sorry its the truth). Not just white girls, but its mannish for any girl to just start approaching a guy like that..I know yall are flattered by the attention but at the end of the day, would you really take a girl like that seriously?

    Also black girls get judged a lot more harshly than white girls do. even if a white girl is a hoe, its okay because its seen as "she's free spirited" but if a black girl does the same thing she's just a "nasty bitch". Even in high school the white girls that gave head and had sex werent looked down on but the black girls that did it were seen as trash..So I feel that if I were to be forward with a guy he would look at me like I'm a hoe and not respect me.

    The guys that I know approach the girls they are interested in. If they don't approach you either they thought you werent cute or didn't want to talk to you that bad. so why would I go out of my way for a guy that didn't see me as good enough to talk to? All that does is boost his ego but it doesn't benefit the girl

    • dang I feel you girl. a lot of my girl friends who are black say the same things. its not good to get bent out of shape over it tho, just realize that in some cases this is true.

      however, I don't think you should think about this and NOT approach guys. You should! I love it when girls approach me, in fact all the girlfriends I've had have come to me first. I put a strong emphasis on my black women, and I think you should be strong and be a go getter girl!

    • You're full of shit, wind your neck in sweetheart.

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  • I soon to be married to the most wonderful black man in the world!

    • Glad to see that we still have ignorant racist morons on this site. Just to make your day I should let you know that I brought one mixed daughter into this world and whether it is a boy or girl we don't yet know but another is on the way. If it is a boy I'll name it after you Strider90 you ignorant ass! As for ThunderChild I'm going to do my best to keep the race mixing going with the hope that one day your ignorance will only be heard of in history books.

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    • So many frustrated, butthurt people here. What happened, buddy? Did your girlfriend cheated you with a guy from a different race? Good :D :D :D Certainly it won't be the last time...

    • Those downvotes... People are crazy. This isn't the first time that I have seen this. I don't understand why people can't just date within their race if they want to and leave the people who are in a interacial relationship alone.

  • I find black guys a little intimidating, just because-in my personal experience- they come on EXTREMELY strong. And that puts me off. Also, most of the ones around here love to live up the the "ghetto" stereotype and make themselves look like uneducated neanderthals looking for a quickie. My mentor and best friend is black, though he's also gay, but he has shown me that there are plenty of black men that are educated and value women and aren't the least bit intimidating. So at the moment, I am equally attracted to all races (Though I find Asians extremely sexy lol). Honestly though, I just think a lot of women see black men as being easy because many of the ones I've seen will hit on anything with a pulse.

    • ouch. thank God I'm not like that. Shit, if there is no reciprocation, she can take a hike. I won't waste my time. Although, if you want a guy that comes on really soft, he's probably going to be soft in a lot of other things. I say have confidence no matter what someone tells you, just do it in moderation.

    • LOL DONT SHOOT! zimmerman was intimidating,and look at what happend .so when is the next clan meeting / :)jkd

    • @Damienthedemon welp your a fucking idiot

  • I've dated a black guy, but it never had anything to do with his race.

    I've never noticed a preference for any race.

    You've noticed something so interesting... maybe you're special?

    • lol, what do you mean by "special'? LMAO

    • Haha, maybe the girls are seeing something more than your skin colour in you :)

    • This is what I'm shooting for! lol.

  • Hi, I'm a white girl who generally prefers black guys, but will really date any race, and it really has nothing to do with stereotypes. Liking a certain skin colour is a lot like girls preferring tall guys or short guys or guys with a certain hair colour. The issue is purely aesthetic. I don't care if a black guy I like acts ghetto or wears a suit and tie every day. What matters in terms of an actual relationship is respect and kindness.

  • 2 of my sisters prefer black men, and so I have 2 mixed nephews as a result (I also have 2 adopted nephews, a brother-in-law and cousins who are full black), so in no way shape or form do I have anything against black men. I prefer white though, I just couldn't see myself with a black man.

    • thank you for that :)

  • Their big penises

    • 3mo

      I'm white but have a big penis, so what about that? Not just black guys have huge cocks

  • I find i'm attracted to guys from all different races at times. it kinda depends on the time and mood. sometimes its native american, sometimes its black, sometimes its 'white', sometimes asian, etc. I don't think race really matters. my ex is from brazil. But i dont chase guys, i just kinda live my life and if its meant to be we'll meet or at least thats kinda how i see things. I wish people could get past race and ethnic stuff and just see the person inside.

    my guess is you must be really good looking or have a great personality. in my book how a guy acts is more important than looks.

  • because black guys got more swagg(;and black guys make thier women feel better

    • i have swag but swag is : to arrange (as drapery) in swags <the days of endless worrying had taken their toll, and the old woman's face swagged with exhaustion>

    • 3mo

      I'm white, with swag and go out of my way to make sure the girl I'm with feels the the Queen of the world, but for some reason you girls are never satisfied. In fact just recently I had a white girl reciprocate my attention for her, come to find out she has a black boyfriend. With him but seeing different guys too. See, still never happy. Guess there needs to be a new race of men created and maybe that'll work for a while

  • i don't prefer one race over another. I'm attracted to all races if I find that attraction. but for me black guys are really intriguing for many reasons. in my experience they are usually confident and smooth. I also like how they are built and their overall masculinity. they are so down to earth and caring too :)

    • Aaaah, like so few people understand :)

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    • very true Jones. I try not to, but I can't help being biased towards black women; that's what I'm used to. The key is to acknowledge this and not let it take you over. I've found girls of every race attractive at one time or another. I'm even talking to this white girl right now.

    • 3mo

      You just described me, except I'm white. How do you explain that?

  • Im a black girl, and I really wouldn't say that all white women love black guys. lol that's the problem today. if you think that is true then go to predominately white areas and go up to rednecks and see if they like you. lol But yes I do see white girls with black guys every blue moon. but I mostly see everyone with their own race. blacks with blacks, whites with whites Asians with asians. ect. and I see approaching guys as extremely desperate. But I could care less about interracial couples being with each other. black men and white women can have each other... : )

    • Yeh, I don't care either, I've dated a few races other than black. Big culture difference, but that's pretty much it. The pink is still the same LOL I did not just say that xD

    • thats how I feel about black women with white guys too! ha ha I'm like, yes please help yourself! could not care less everyone deserved to be loved.

    • I'm not from a redneck area but mostly white area.

  • My boyfriend is black. I didn't start dating him because he is black, I just really liked his personality and we just "clicked" I guess you could say. I would never approach a black guy and say something like "looking goooood" that's just not me. My boyfriend approached me first although I'd known him for years (we went to school together since 2nd grade). I'm not sure why so many white girls like black guys but I guess that can be turned around too. Why do so many black guys like white girls?

  • because they are hot! :)

    • lol, no homo but this is true :P

    • I could go black but tHEN I'll be afraid I'll never come back! sorry pale and unsexy . I could plese if I was black lol

  • I just really like the dark chocolate skin, the swag their mentality and their...hahaha

    it is what it is

  • I'm white and I have been in a relationship with both: the white and the black guy. And let me tell you. Before I met my actual boyfriend, who is black, I could never imagine that it's posible to feel such an attraction. Oh my God, his skin is so smooth I could kiss it and touch it without stopping, his lips are so soft, his arms are so strong, his body is so hot, his hair is so beautiful. He is just incredible. Just... If I could describe him in one word it would be: SMOOTH or SOFT. Him, his personality is so so... I have no words. He is so calm, so intelligent, so patient, gentle, he cares, he worries, but at the same time makes me feel a WOMAN. I could describe him all day long.

  • The same reason they like any other race, color doesn't matter, it's about who someone is on the inside.

    • Well, I wish it was like that all the time. But it would be naive of us to overlook the fact that some people just go on physical appearance.

      And by the way, Rocky Horror is awesome :)

    • yes, people do go for physical appearance, but all races are beautiful.

      And I agree, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is awesome :)

    • If all races are beautiful how come people of other races try to get surgery to look more white.

  • Dude where are you from... you must be from like the burbs with hella white ppl...And its like the new trend now... Guess white girls wised up...

    • Lol! I'm from SAtown baby. Yeh its crazy over huuur. Some hate you like there's no tomorrow, some wanna hop on your peepee as soon as you meet em. It varies, but I been getting mad love from white girls for a while now. Just went to TGIF to apply for a server, and the front desk girl was like entranced or some sh*t. I had to tell her twice I wanted to see the manager before she actually registered what I said (or maybe she was just stupid, lol).

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    • 3mo

      Nah, they're just never satisfied with anyone. I've been all over the world, and American girls especially white are all about themselves and never happy. Read my comment above too, just came across a white girl that has a Black boyfriend and she liked my attention I was giving her so she cheated on him, come to find out not the 1st time of course. So I guess the black penis isn't enough either hahaha

    • 3mo

      by the way I'm white with a big penis too black guy so what now

  • because every young black guy acts like he's going to be the next big rap icon or business man. I never had a white girl interested in me AND I'm white but I don't care because just for the mix girls.

  • I would never date a black guy because I don't want to sabotage my genetics. I would actually like for my children to have some physical resemblance to me. I think it is extremely unfair to breed with a black for a white person because all their unique physical attributes are completely diluted by black genes. In other words, I want to have white kids. I think it's a beautiful thing to be able to look at your child and see yourself in your kid, and not just the look of its non-white father. It's kind of like stomping on the grave of your ancestors. Once a person breeds with a black, it will take generations to erase the effects of that and to rejuvenate white traits. You may have a similar genotype to your offspring, but not phenotype. I also think interracial breeding is incredibly selfish on the white person's part because they are only making demographic contributions to black people, whereas they are creating an opposite effect for white people. It's imperative that white people maintain their heritage and presence in this world and interracial dating destroys that attempt. Real white girls appreciate the subtle differences found in their own race. A bored person who lacks racial pride seeks an exotic mate and they may find temporary carnality in this, but soon they grow tired of it and regret their decision. This is evident in the high divorce rate amongst white females and black males in this country.

    • lol TROLLFACE!

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    • the best answer.

    • 3mo

      @TommyThe_man at least she was being honest how she feels.

  • I really like black guys too ha.. and its because a black guy is more "cool" than a white guy if you know what I mean.. And I feel like a black guy is more "man" than a white guy are..

    Black : men

    White : boys ...

    • Hmmm... I don't understand. Maybe youve just been hanging with the nerdy ones? Some of my best brahs are white, and they are just as cool as me and my black bros.

      Lol you sure it isn't something else?

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    • 3mo

      "more a man than a white guy" ARE "" ? THERE YOU GO.. Lol. Supposed to be more a man than a white guy " IS"

    • 3mo

      And I'm a cool ass white man, not racist at all but I at least try to gain knowledge and learn how to speak

  • Well, you should be happy about it I think ! no ? I'm a white girl and I like exotic relationships more than anything ! I think many black guys are cute, handsome, cool, sexy, etc, but no chemistry ! at least not yet ! I never desired any black guy sexually ! it is not a matter of racism, on the contrary ! I have close friends from all races, nationalities, etc , I don't know what it is about ! I think it is not a matter of color but attitude , personality, character, beauty, sex appeal, etc , It depends on the girls anyways, ! I believe it is only a matter of frequent coincidence !

    • Lol yeh I'm not complaining, I think its a good thing. I also think its good for people to put some variety in their lives and be comfortable with people of all races. haha, yeh black people in America are a very unique, there are so many cultural things that I even don't get with me coming from a Jamaican background.

    • I can't be cool, sexy, instead I'm a polish joke lol because all that polish guys get is jokes...

  • I'm white now like white guys but I found myself liking black guys now let me say why ...When I run my hand down along his chest and I see us together I become breathless me my color on his it's complimenting and very sexy it drives me wild I really love it it's different,just being honest.

    • 3mo

      That's interesting because to me there is nothing uglier than a black skin next to white skin. It looks gross and icky.

  • generally because black guys are much better looking and tougher. girls feel more protected and girlie when with a black guy. also they are a lot smoother

    • lol dang I keep hearing that. I guess its just our culture, born to be chill hahaha. ooooh this site is so insightful xD

    • what can I say with my jew noise lol,i can't have cute block nose lol

  • the only non black women who like black guys are either ugly or trashy, a lot of times both.

  • The girl either:

    a) Has no life.


    b) Has big boobs and a big butt, and loves to act in a slutty manner.

    Call me mean but I'm like 85% true here.

    • Well shiii can't argue with 85%! lol

  • these girls just sound like thirsty hoes. a lot of white girls that aggressively pursue black guys are just that, thirsty hoes. nothing to really boast about, they do it to any guy who is black, they have a fetish.

    • Saw thirsty and stopped reading. Fck that word. I can't do nice sht for any girl these days without someone droppin that word. I can't approach girls I like without them thinking thirsty. Not that I care what they think, just another barrier to get over. I asked for the chain-linked fence, not the brick wall.

  • Lmao wow just today I saw a biracial couple of that with a baby and its weird but usually the guy smiles at me but the lady doesn't..I always heard a black guy in a IR will give a sister dirty looks but I don't care..I usually don't hit on guys or compliment even if she's the same race as me and I'm black...make the whole presidential obama has made it OK for white girls to show their love because obama's mom is white and his dad african

    This is late but congrats on your job

  • I like a lot of races, but I like white guys the best.

    Maybe because that's the only race I really know...and that they're the prettiest.

  • I don't date people for their ethnicity, I date someone because I like them as a person and find them attractive. I think there are attractive and unattractive people of all ethnicities.

    I've never dated a black guy, but I would if I were single and there was a mutual attraction, but it has nothing to do with an "exotic fantasy".

    My experience with Jamaican men is that they are generally very friendly, fun, and outgoing, so I could definitely see women seeing them as approachable.

    • Lol, this is true xD ha ha jk jk. I guess they knew I was Jamaican from my window flag? Haha.

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    • thank you for your honesty!

    • No problem. :)

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  • WOW hold up everyone, I was born black, raised by whites and sold out by both. When it comes to dating, if she ain't white, that ain't right. I love white chicks so much that I even listen to white power music in the honor of those pretiest living creatures on earth. WORD

    • I just laughted so freakin hard... A pieceof apple that I was eating just flew out of my mouth. LMAO. I really hope you're just kidding tho lol, trflin.

    • 3mo

      Lol that was funny tho

  • I'm black, and when I date outside my race, I tend to avoid girls who exclusively date Black guys. I vastly prefer girls who would be willing to date any race. Girls who exclusively date Black guys tend to have preconceived notions/stereotypes about us that just aren't true.

    Take the girls in these videos for example:



    • Good God, that was revolting, lol. I feel you bro. Being black myself, I used to think the same way (still sort of do, but I have certain exceptions now). I don't get too hung up on it tho because either way, it works out in my favor, if you catch my drift ;D

    • I found those videos to be extremely offensive

    • Good for you?

  • black people love to express themselves, in a fun way.
    white girls love to enjoy life, ( if speaking about blondes ) without thinking.

    I am a race that is neither white nor black but I do kick it with both races.
    so its mainly their personality that white girls are interested in, and I can agree to that, I feel more at ease with great positive attitude "negros" ( excuse my N word (pls :) ) ) & gringos ( excuse my Spanish )

    Just my opinion, feel free to express yourself below. I don't mind #seanpaul

  • The use of the word "swag" was used way too many times in this thread therefore it should be deleted.

  • If you live in an area that is mostly populated by white people, then you're more likely to encounter white women.

  • they're stupid and follow retard stereotyeps.

  • It seems as though people don't understand that the only difference between a white person and a black person is the pigment in their skin. All of our ancestors when our race started derive from Africa. So we are all what we call "black". But its not about the color of your skin. You have ghetto people that act as though they are the world and try to act uneducated to gain rep from their friends. These guys are all races though. Not just black. The same thing with the rest of the groups of people. Nerds, emos, hipsters, jocks, gangsters, ect. Then it comes to attributes. Whit men have small junk and the black men have the big junk. I'm a white male and I can tell you that my junk is far from the stereotype. Lol. But when you get to sports. They say white men can't jump. I know of two high jumpers on my track team that are white. Not to mention the best high jumper in the state is white. Then people say black guys are faster. I run a 4.48 on the 40 as a senior in high school. I'm the fastest guy on the football team. These stereotypes are what bring you to think one race is different from another. Were all the same. Were all human.

    But then getting to why white girls like black guys. I'm thinking it probably has something to do with these stereotypes. I'm thinking if there only going for black dudes and they are reaching out to them they are probably whores that are looking for the big junk to fill them up. Or it could just be how they feel and what they see as attractive. I find many black women very attractive. But I don't prefer one race over another. Like many people.

    • Youre my fcking hero bro. Base God among men right here.

    • 3mo

      Very wise beyond your age. Everything you said is true. I'm white and the same with me

  • We are all from human race, the different between a white person and black person is the pigment in their skin... I believe love has no color... you can choose what is best for you and do what will make you happy instead of settle for less... we all live in a free world...

  • I generally don't approach a girl unless I know her. This issue goes beyond race. The dynamic of sexual attraction doesn't see race. I think it's more like Anonymous said; It's how you learned about it from your parents. Initially, you approach someone you like the way you are most comfortable. I tend to be more cautious around girls of color in certain situations. But I find that neighborhood and upbringing influences reactions more than race does.

  • I live in south Florida I see more white guys with black girls. I been with a lot of fine black girls. So I don't see this that way.

  • The grammar skills in this thread are fucking atrocious!

  • Im my case, it's because, at 62, I'm regarded cover boy handsome, muscular, though a bit girthy-I'm 5'9",200-205 lb., boasting 18-inch pythons ("arms,"gals!!!), and combine the boyish good looks, charm and chivalry with a desire to couple bond ASAP with-
    especially-a buxom blonde or Latina between 22 and 40.

  • i am a black dude that has dating white, black, Asian, Hispanic and so on. the reason why white girls are attracted to black men is simple.. they see white men all their lives and they want to try something new.. their romantic side is craving for it so they try to fulfill i.. example have you ever been at the movies or some fast food place and u walk past a group of white girls and they all start smiling. that's because they want to get loved by a different person a more wild side of love.. also they hear many stories about black men and how they are good in bed and they just want to get the experience also.. keep it 100 most black girls out there would want to be with a white man because of the way he treats the ladies. with respect, kindness and love. that's the same with the white girls they want to be treated in a wild way.

  • Lol, I don't even know what brought me here, I guess I'm dumbfounded by a recent experience with a girl I met but this has been fun guys. I'm white bud but you aren't the only ones swinging a big bat and from what I've seen the past few years almost all these American women are turning ho-ish, never happy. I don't know what to tell you but once they go black they do go back.. Back and forth too. All I can say is keep it swinging and never get married

  • Never written on a thread like this, but must say this one intrigued me... Let me first say that I'm a white guy who loves all women, but certainly loves myself more. Sorry. Everyone is searching for someone whom they connect with. Some find this in what is viewed as taboo "white chick black dude deal".. As for me I'm young, white, handsome, financially successful and a hunter... I have dated women of all backgrounds, even mixed. I can say that no woman will admit, but they love a man that will chase and potentially replace them. They love a man that doesn't need them, but wants them. This guy could be any color or background if he knows what he's doing.. I'll explain. Once I knew a very attractive black female that told me "I'm not into white men but like your style and how you carry yourself".. Being as selective as I am and finding her attractive the chase was ON! I invited her on a get-away with me. Long story short I romanced her like she had never experienced before.. She was taken that I was so driven and successful, but showed her attention and fulfilled a longing for her. She now still calls me and we are great friends. She has also mentioned that she now dates white men and I changed her mind about race in general. This is only one example. I'm dropping knowledge here. Long story short is women are looking for D__k, money, a provider, secure male (alpha), and someone not easy to read (ME), someone to listen and romance them, someone to knock the bottom out. This all starts with attraction, but tons of women have attracted to different things. Men. Please don't be naive. Women will go for other races. I'm living breathing proof. Focus on you success. Love yourself and others WILL see this as being attractive. Chase the women you want as they love the chase, but be aware of players and "bad bitches"... The best women are loyal, secure, intelligent and earn money. I'm not worried about white chicks going for black dudes etc, as I take what I WANT. PERIOD:)