Pick up a Hooters girl?

I attend hooters once in a while. The first time I went I told them so.the next time I went in the girl I liked ran up to me and said you are here all the time! I don't understand why they chat up the old guys with no interest.but they show me flirtation.smiles.looking at me all the time.but don't come to me.


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  • k the reason why they talk to the old guys is because they would probaly tip better because old guys can't get girls like that. I know this from personal experience I use to be a waitress at a strip club lol. guaranteed that's why. she might not spend as much time with you because while she's workin time is money.


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  • id just come out and ask the girl you like one time if you could get her number take her to dinner.?.

    • I tease them saying I Never get hit on by girls....and they all say ya right....the funny thing to me is they come by me....but when I talk to one of them...I notice her giving that girl dirty looks lol....thanks for the input

    • No prob. it looks like your cute so go for it if you get shot down then you know there doing it for tips lol

    • Lol I don't want to know if they are doing it for tips. They do say when they leave they switch to the next girl....and don't want me to close with them for tips. I normally don't have questions or care what girls think. I ask what happens happens....but this girl is exceptional. We have had some great conversations

  • dude your like 35. when I was a waitress I would always flirt more with the older guys because they usually have more money


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  • Best way to pick up a hooters girl is not at hooters, those girls are trained to act flirty and act like they actually want to see you there, its just like trying to pick up a stripper, not very easy to do. They like your money not you, and the more money you give them the more attention they will give you. If you want to see what I mean next time you see your hooters girl and she says hey your here again, wow, then say well of course I like the food and the service is very friendly, but hey why don't you let me take you out to dinner this weekend.

    Watch her response if she's into you like you think, she will say oh ok sounds good here's my number, but if she's just playing with you cause that's what they do she will prob say something like well I would love to but. some excuse or she will say I work all the time no free time, or my favorite I have a boyfriend sorry.

    • Lol it's not about the money I give them...or the normal flirtation they give the other guys...it is non existent to the point of playing hard to get and flirtation....I know the tricks of the trade and how they work you for tips.

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    • Good job slick keep up the good work good luck with the hooters chick

    • Something sounds fishy to me.

  • look buddy, its not hard, you just go there, and don't play into her flirting with you cause she has to. But call her out on it and if you smoke herb, that usually helps too. mention something about it to whoever your with. I've said it got really drunk and then, she's like how about some more beer. and you say are you gonna take me home? then Are you gonna smoke me out. bang done. just don't be ugly.