Is it wrong that I'm attracted to a married man?

why am I attracted to a married man? I am way more attractive than he is and probably can get any guy I Want, but why do I find myself attracted to him?


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  • If you went after him it would be wrong. Maybe you see his personality as someone you'd wanna be married to. But don't even think about it or act upon it. You wouldn't wanna ruin a marriage

    • ofc not. I don't want to go after him, I said I'm attracted to him. thanks for answering.

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  • May be you want to gauge if you're attractive enough to appeal to him though he's married?

    Some girls do that unconsciously, they want some proof that they are very attractive so they enjoy testing their attractiveness on a married average looking guy.

    Basically, they are after an ego rush and confirmation about how attractive they are. If that average looking guy wasn't married you probably would not even see him. It seems right now you lust for him because he should be unaccessible to you, unless you are so attractive that he can't resist being attracted to you in spite of already being married.

    So my guess is you look unconsciously for a validation that you are as attractive as you think you are.

    • my husband always teases me and says he gets hit on more when he's wearing his wedding ring than if not.

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    • there's no logic in your argument except large words to appear so.

      whether I'm attractive are not, does not depend on the 'preference' of guys or the ones I am physically attracted to.

      and it's true, it's a 'guess' with no evidence or supporting point.

    • You asked people why you are attracted to him, I give you my best guess, nothing more, norhing less. If you don't like someone giving you his opinion, don't ask for it ! Lmao

  • No, but it would be horrible if you did something about it. Just leave it to simple attraction. Don't show him in any way that you're attracted to him and don't act upon your feelings.

  • It's only wrong if you pursue him.


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  • My friend keeps on getting attracted to married/committed guys too. I think it might be because that they are married, it subconsciously shows that they are wiling to commit to one person (which is pretty hard to find these days).

    Plus I think it could also be a result of the idea of forebidden fruit, wanting something you're not suppose to have. I think this is true of my friend because when the married guy wants to take it further and have an affair with her (the little charmers!) she doesn't.

    I don't understand her and she hasn't come up with the forebidden fruit idea or any of the above, this is just my conclusions from being an unbiased observer.

  • It's not wrong to be attracted to someone. You probably know the reasons why you are attracted to him, forbidden fruit, he makes you feel good, enjoy the attention, he might remind you of a man that has been in your life, etc..? Find yourself a single guy don't waste your time with him.There's an article on my page read it not for the light hearted!

  • First of all I don't think you could compare yourself to the opposite gender based on looks. Its best that you don't let yourself be attracted to a married man because he is "married" and you should keep out of a married mans life.

    You are probably attracted to him, I don't because his personality may stand out compared to all of the other guys you know.

    Sorry ha ha my advice isn't helpful. Just don't get involved and possibly ruin a marriage, it is wrong and I believe in Karma so you never know.

  • what Snackey said.

    look dude, I was at one point in my sad, sad life, attracted to a priest o.O

    so you're in the clear.

    just don't act on it.

  • attracted - no

    try to get with him - yeah.

  • Yes it's wrong you are attracted to him ,okay but what's next?

    -are you going to date him,what about his wife,how would you feel if you were at her place,what if he has children ?You are gonna ruin his life, his wife's life and even his children if he has.That's selfishness.


    -are you going to hide your feelings ,feel pain and leave him .Are you trying to kill yourself?

    *both options are unacceptable that's why it's wrong ,please stop thinking of him ,don't ruin his marriage.

    PS: if he left his wife for you then he would probably leave you for another woman so it's better for you and his wife to stop thinking of him.

  • it's not wrong to be attracted to him, but it's wrong to act on it

    "I am way more attractive than he is and probably can get any guy I Want, "

    arrogant much?

  • maybe it is like that movie just go with it with adam sandler and jennifer aniston. Maybe you just feel super sorry for him because he has a bad wife treating him bad and you think you are better than that wife and can treat him better.

    or you just want what you can't have.