Why should men want to marry women that aren't virgins?

Date or marry damaged goods? It's the same principle as with a car. If you're renting the car for a few days or weeks, you might not care what its history is. But if you're going to buy a brand new car and be tied to it for a long while, you'd want to make sure it has a clear record.

So why should men want to marry women that aren't virgins? It seems like the vast majority of people don't want anymore, especially Christians who flat out aren't living by the Bible.


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  • Really ?

    Comparing women to cars.

    If you want to "live by the Bible" means to love everyone no matter what and never to judge someone especially the one you love.

    Guys need to marry girls they love.

    If you really want to discuss about someones virginity it means you are frustrated about sex and want to marry someone just for sex and that wrong on so many levels.

    • There is a big difference between discernment and judgment. Levitics 21:13-14 is clear on this

      He shall take for a wife a virgin of his own tribe. But a widow, or one that is put away, or profaned, or a harlot, these he shall not take; but he shall take for a wife a virgin of his own people.

    • yeah that was like 2000 years ago mate , maybe you should read some more current fiction ? I have suggestions . . .

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  • I'd just like to start off with the angry part first- Women are not property. They can not be compared to cars or inanimate objects. That is offensive, rude and very mean. I don't care if I'd be considered a new car or a used care no woman wants to be compared to anything like that- ever.

    Now, with that out of the way-

    Not all guys want virgins, plain and simple. For those that do, provided they are virgins themselves they can be that restrictive and go them for waiting. If they have sex and then expect a virgin then, well, they can go f*** themselves because that's just not fair. Oh yes well I can have as much sex as I want but I will only date girls who are virgins. Well then you're just f***ing all those virgins, dumping them, ruining that special moment for someone else and living a complete contradiction.

    As to why people should want to date women who have had sex, well because it's not about what you've done. it's about who you are. Any one who judges women solely based on their sexual activity (or lack there of) is petty. Yes it's okay to take that into consideration when dating a girl but not all sexually active girls are the same.

    Every one has a different view on sex and just because your opinion is that it's only for marriage doesn't mean it's everyone's. I think sex is a natural thing, I think it's a beautiful thing that two (or more) people can share with each other and it's open to interpretation. Sex is like art, there is no one right or wrong answer about what a piece of work means. Even if the artist had something in mind it doesn't matter because the piece speaks to each person differently and invokes different emotions in every one. To deny their interpretation or to say it's wrong is to deny what they feel. You can't reject emotions, it doesn't work like that. That is a believe, an emotion and it's there so it's real.

    You believe that sex is sacred, so there's one correct interpretation. But there are people who believe sex is for when you've determined you love someone and want to show them, and they're right, too because that's a valid emotion/feeling to have. No one handles things exactly the same. There are people who have casual sex, there are people who don't. Just like there are people who cry at funerals and people who don't. There are also people who are spiritually virgin, and chaste and who accept that as just as good as physically virgin.

    So people look for partners who share the same sexual values as they do. And not every one things of women who have had sex as "damaged goods". You may think that but not everyone does. I think you need to really calm down about it. Just because women are sexually active doesn't make them bad people, or lesser people. It's just a different lifestyle, and we all need to be accepting of everyone's lifestyles.

    Here, you might like to hear this guy's opinion on the subject:


    • I disagree with that guy, and I'm not Christian. I would rather die than date any woman that isn't a virgin.

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    • sex can also cause pregnancies and STDs and also emotional distraught, just saying

    • sex can also be fun and incase you didn't notice CONDOMS have been invented since BC mate, maybe you should think abut how many women of marrigable age are still virgins and how limited you are, or maybe you deserve a boring "new model" like yourself, have fun having sh*t sex man

  • this is so crazy :)

    you'll attract no one with that attitude mister

  • Are you a virgin? If you are then go ahead and find your virgin. If not your an a**hole, and your "used goods".

    So your a virgin right?

  • I think its rarer for people to keep their virginity before marriage than before (except for religious reasons). It's because we are living in a society where sex is so pushed by the media, and sexuality especially. Everything, from music to clothing, is focused on sexuality. And so its no surprise people are just going for that. And ofcourse sex is enjoyable too, and without a religious restraint, then people ofcourse do things they enjoy.

    But these people are not damaged goods. Maybe if you are religious you see them as impure, but in a humanistic view, its normal for people to want to have sex after puberty. Its how our bodies develop. People are getting married later and later, so its no wonder they have had sex before they married. Times are changing, people aren't marrying at 18 or 21 anymore. It might be somewhere near 25 -30! So its a big difference.

  • Oh yes, because loving relationships are TOTALLY based off how many penises she has had in her. Love means nothing if she has had sex before. People who have had sex before marriage should totally kill themselves because they don't deserve to be loved and get married. Women are objects that get used up and lose their worth because they can't be people. Really? Wow, you disgust me, grow up please.

    • may I ask so jerks can have her she still loves him but he dumped her and she go to the nice guy who was there but she waited to long is that it works

    • Dragonlord, your stupid comment has nothing to do with my question. If a girl gets her feelings hurt than hurts someone elses than she is a bitch. That has nothing to do with all women as a whole. Please go troll on another post and stop being such a pathetic p**** and whining about your problems on a unrelated thread.

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  • I wouldn't go by how virgin a woman is, since I know plenty of women that have anal sex just so they can trick guys like you later on. It's much more important imo to look at a woman's attitude. I personally would not date a woman that already has kids, not seriously anyway, but her not being a virgin? meh, think you are going to far a bit

    • I wouldn't date a woman that's had anal sex either.

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    • hahaha you're hilarious and sad

    • You're insane if you aren't trolling.