Ladies, how do you feel when your guy gets angry?

At you and whoever else. do you feel scared, indifferent, etc?

Also, how do you feel if your guy cries about something? what about if he cries too much?

whoah. no guys answered this? This Q isn't directed to only girls, ya know :P though it is (mainly) for women to answer. I should have specified XD oh well...

~Dudes, if you wanna answer just replace the word "guy" with "girl" in my Question. also, replace "Ladies" with "Guys".


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  • He doesn't really get angry with me, but he does have a temper with sometimes violent reactions [i.e. punching walls, tearing his bedroom door off the hinges, though not in relation to me]. I've seen his anger directed at other people, but he doesn't really act on it because of his kids. Both because he has custody, so they're always around, and because he can't afford to go to jail on assault charges, lol. And I've also seen his rage, just in general. It doesn't scare me though, because it's not directed at me, and the women and kids in his life never have to worry about a violent outburst. I don't have any fear of getting hurt by him. I usually just sit quietly and stay out of it until it subsides, or if we're alone then I'll rub his back and play with his hair and try to talk him through it. Doesn't aaalways work, but it usually has the intended soothing effect. =P If he were really angry at ME, odds are I would probably be super upset, but I certainly wouldn't be afraid.

    I've only seen him cry once. It was like a single tear, and he was trying to hide his face. It was when things were really rough in the split with his wife, and he hadn't been able to see his youngest son in a few weeks. He was having a panic attack and teared up a bit, but didn't want me to see it. I felt bad and made an attempt at comfort which eventually worked somewhat, but I found it really endearing that it was so difficult for him to be away from his kids.

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  • when he gets angry easily,i will think there is another problem like stress or sth... if it is always being too angry, I will think either he has great problems on his own, or with me, and there is sth wrong.. when he cries, I feel myself more attracted to him.. but if he cries too often, I will think that he has problems and I will try to help him, which in return kills my attraction to him..

  • it depends why he got angry on me, if I did something wrong or not. if I havnt done anything wrong I try to calm him down and ask him to lets talk like 2 grown ups and solve our problem by convo.

    but it depends on the situation because I need to be super calm to control my anger too. but this is what I always try to do, to remove the anger and solve problems by talk.

    if he is angry of some1 else, I try to listen to him and let him discharge his anger, then if there is a problem we can talk and find a solution for it, or if there isn't any problem and some1 did a bad thing to him.i try to distract him after he discharged and make him laugh and forget about that, I'm sure he would think better of it after talking about it.

    about crying! again it depends on what happened to him that made him cry! but usually I don't like him to cry that much, and if he does so many time its a big turn off for me. maybe shading some tears in special occasions be OK, or a cry after a misery but not so many time! I don't want him to be that week!

    • weak* sorry a typo

  • well, if he gets mad at me... I honestly will take it personally but I'll act as if nothing happened not to seem to sensitive. but then if he does it too many times then I will act really annoyed around him. and I won't be scared but I will be a bit confused.

    also, everyone cries sometime in their life. but then if he cries too much it looks like he can't handle pain and will seem weak.

  • my boyfriend hasn't really ever yelled or gotten angry at me, but in the times he's been frustrated with me I've already felt sad and like he didn't like me or something. I figure if we ever really got into a fight though, I would use it to my advantage and have angry sex with him. (: lol. My guy has never cried in front of me, but once he said I'm the type of girl he feels like he can lay down and cry with. Kind of weird, but kind of sweet too. Idc if my boyfriend cries as long as he doesn't cry too much. Hope this helps! (:

  • If it's for logical reason, I think it can be really sexy. I like seeing that he's got that fire inside so he's not gonna let anyone walk all over him and he's protective. But if he gets mad over stupid ,petty things then I'll think he's sensitive and sissy like

    It's okay to cry. Real men cry. If he cries to much, then I'll be really tempted to say "OMG get a grip! this is ridiculous! you're way too sensitive and it's annoying. I've seen 10 year old girls with more restraint" over sensitivity annoys me

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