Why do girls always want attention?

They want attention from their husbands, boyfriends, parents, siblings, co-workers, bossess, strangers, society, homeless people, convicts, youtube, Facebook, twitter.

Everything a girl/woman does...is for attention. Everything.



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  • Most people want attention. It's just the type, context, amount, and who from that varies.

  • i dunno...didnt really think about that...i guess its just a way of being preoccupied, busy, girls like talking..they'll talk to whoever about whatever.

    But that's not all girls, and its not just for attention..women are friendly, and they're open about things moreso than guys.

  • im personally not like that. I don't expect attention from anyone. its kinda funny though because of course a lot of girls are llike that. but idk. just because I guess girls like feeling special. they wanna know that people pay attention to them; they're insecure. it gets really annoying it deff does. but there's not really much to do about it. its just a characteristic for some...i think when it comes to guys though that they might see how guys react to like for example victorias secret models lol and they want that affect too. they wanna be able to blow people away. just my take on it

  • Yes, you're right, it's absolutely ridiculous to expect our husbands or boyfriends to give us attention. What the hell are women thinking when they enter relationships? How could they ever think guys might be selfless rather than selfish?

  • giving us attention shows us that you care...

  • I'm glad to know you know SO much about being a woman. Not ALL of us crave attention, just the attention whores.


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  • I want attention too, damn it!

  • About 80% of what people do is to get attention. Men and women.

    Sorry to break it to ya.

  • Lol homeless people where did you get that idea from

  • They like to feel loved