What do you think of China and Chinese?

I want to know when you hear somebody speak Chinese or said I'm Chinese What do you think?


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  • What do I think of China/ What comes across my mind thinking of China:

    - A land with LOTS OF Chinese

    - Chinese-speaking land

    - Excellent almond drink

    - 2008 Beijing Olympics

    - Very cold weather during winter in several parts of China

    - Very hot summer on the other hand in several parts of China

    - Pandas! :D

    - Has lots of rich, amazing cultural and historical values from the past

    (shi Huang Di, Emperors' Palace, Great Wall of China, Museums, Mao Zhe Dong etc.)

    - Great Wall of China is one looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong walk

    - Many cyclists in several parts of China, especially in Beijing

    - Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997

    - Lotsa of aborigines and district-based clans (such as TeoChew, Hokkien, Hakka etc.)

    - One of the leading countries in global economy (many countries are highly dependent of China). It is holding a lot of America's debt

    - Interesting traditional dance

    - Biggest country in Asia

    - In need of a more equal distribution of wealth between the poor and the rich. the gap between them is still too significant.

    - it's extremely competitive to get into a China university unless they've excelled very well.

    - Lang Lang the pianist

    - Hu Jingtao the president

    - Beginning to open up to many things (be it economically or taking in immigrants/outsiders)

    - Restrictions or ban on several internet websites (such as Facebook and Youtube)

    - Great noodles to eat :D but the food can sometimes be a little too oily for my liking

    - Beijing citizens, both pedestrians and transport users DON'T obey traffic rules and traffic lights at all (it's so bad that I find it appalling)

    - Most girls and guys in China are petite

    - Vastly varied in lifestyle depending on which district/part of China one is in.

    (there are many more stuff)

    What I like about China

    - Great opportunities available

    - Great cultural and historical values

    - Noodles and almond drink

    - Hardworking and diligent nation

    What I don't like about China

    - the people can sometimes be overly competitive to the extent that they can be a very bad sport when they lose or go by wrong means to achieve what they want -> over eager to obtain good grades/results that they lose certain good values within a human

    (e.g. a couple of China badminton players played against 2 Indonesian players during the Olympics 2008 Badminton doubles semi finals displayed very bad attitude on screen.)

    - some China students can speak too loudly or not being as considerate when being with others.

    What I wish for China

    - to open up more at a global level rather than keeping it too close. it's for the better of China.

    What do I think when someone speaks Chinese:

    - they are speaking their mother language, that's just about it

    - I would think "I can understand what you are talking about", especially when they are talking bad behind people's back lol

    - they would be very happy if they meet someone who can speak Mandarin/Chinese

    • thank you for the best answer

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    • Maybe I can try to do it :)

    • By the way, there are bound to have Americans who don't like China/Chinese. So don't take it to heart nor try to reason with them (because it'll only invite unnecessary conflict especially since both communicate quite differently at times)

      I think most people still have an impression that China has a very communist regime, but I really beg to defer because that's a very outdated idea about China. China has evolved a great deal, although there are still many barriers to overcome.

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  • I think some of them are really good looking. I use to have a Chinese best friend named Xioa Yin Wang. Also my Japanese girlfriend had a Chinese boyfriend. I also watch a lot of Chinese Drama like Meteor Garden and Autumn love.


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    • Meteor Garden I like it too.And I watched different version. e.g.: Japan and Korea they repeat the performance this Drama too:)

    • yes I also watched Hana Yori Dango

  • I don't know really anything about China or its culture. I'm sure it is a neat place...You did ask about what I think when I hear Chinese People talk...WEEEELLLL... Honestly I laugh and think it is the funniest sounding thing I have ever heard! Their decibels are all over the place!...Oh and I LOVE their food! Its really healthy too!

  • What type of Chinese? Cantanese or Mandarin? Either way its really hard for me to understand, but I really like their food Yum. And they are really good at ice skating and gymnastics its awesome. I also like Chinese new year its so much cooler than the American version. However I disagree with their politics.

    • Dont talk about politics,its none none of my business.I can change nothing about politics.

      But I like new year too Its hot and many noise in the everywhere

    • Don't worry about it I critizize everyones politics including my own country's

    • Chinese people are very friendly, China to eat a lot, do you know the hot pot.


  • I can't speak any, but I'm half-chinese, and I've been there a fair few times. It's a nice place :]

    • You must like Chinese food,right?

    • Lol, I sure do

    • When I in the foreign country I always think of my mom's Chinese food and I try to cook it by myself,but I'm failed.

  • Im really interested in different cultures and want to travel, so I would be very keen to talk to you, and find out about you as a person, I also think its a great skill to be able to speak another language

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  • I think that they're Chinese, and in general I don't have an opinion of the Chinese as a people. I treat them like individuals.

  • Communism

  • Sometimes I kindof wish America had the same ingenuity and work ethic that China has. Then again, China is a primarily Communist regime, so they function largely on slave labour. At the same time, they have some of the most brilliant engineering minds. So, it's hard to really know how to feel about China.

    The Chinese people though are awesome. Chinese astrology, for example, is fascinating. And Americanized Chinese food is freaking awesome as well...

    • You people that rated me down, no orange chicken for you.

  • I back-packed through China; it's a really cool place with really friendly people.

    • ya We always friendly treat others

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    • yep I don't care about it .You can't let all the people like you.But that's enough part of them like and believe you.

    • Quite true. You can't please everyone.

  • i was actually thinking of moving there

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