What do you think of China and Chinese?

I want to know when you hear somebody speak Chinese or said I'm Chinese What do you think?


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  • What do I think of China/ What comes across my mind thinking of China:

    - A land with LOTS OF Chinese

    - Chinese-speaking land

    - Excellent almond drink

    - 2008 Beijing Olympics

    - Very cold weather during winter in several parts of China

    - Very hot summer on the other hand in several parts of China

    - Pandas! :D

    - Has lots of rich, amazing cultural and historical values from the past

    (shi Huang Di, Emperors' Palace, Great Wall of China, Museums, Mao Zhe Dong etc.)

    - Great Wall of China is one looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong walk

    - Many cyclists in several parts of China, especially in Beijing

    - Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997

    - Lotsa of aborigines and district-based clans (such as TeoChew, Hokkien, Hakka etc.)

    - One of the leading countries in global economy (many countries are highly dependent of China). It is holding a lot of America's debt

    - Interesting traditional dance

    - Biggest country in Asia

    - In need of a more equal distribution of wealth between the poor and the rich. the gap between them is still too significant.

    - it's extremely competitive to get into a China university unless they've excelled very well.

    - Lang Lang the pianist

    - Hu Jingtao the president

    - Beginning to open up to many things (be it economically or taking in immigrants/outsiders)

    - Restrictions or ban on several internet websites (such as Facebook and Youtube)

    - Great noodles to eat :D but the food can sometimes be a little too oily for my liking

    - Beijing citizens, both pedestrians and transport users DON'T obey traffic rules and traffic lights at all (it's so bad that I find it appalling)

    - Most girls and guys in China are petite

    - Vastly varied in lifestyle depending on which district/part of China one is in.

    (there are many more stuff)

    What I like about China

    - Great opportunities available

    - Great cultural and historical values

    - Noodles and almond drink

    - Hardworking and diligent nation

    What I don't like about China

    - the people can sometimes be overly competitive to the extent that they can be a very bad sport when they lose or go by wrong means to achieve what they want -> over eager to obtain good grades/results that they lose certain good values within a human

    (e.g. a couple of China badminton players played against 2 Indonesian players during the Olympics 2008 Badminton doubles semi finals displayed very bad attitude on screen.)

    - some China students can speak too loudly or not being as considerate when being with others.

    What I wish for China

    - to open up more at a global level rather than keeping it too close. it's for the better of China.

    What do I think when someone speaks Chinese:

    - they are speaking their mother language, that's just about it

    - I would think "I can understand what you are talking about", especially when they are talking bad behind people's back lol

    - they would be very happy if they meet someone who can speak Mandarin/Chinese

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      thank you for the best answer

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      Maybe I can try to do it :)

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      By the way, there are bound to have Americans who don't like China/Chinese. So don't take it to heart nor try to reason with them (because it'll only invite unnecessary conflict especially since both communicate quite differently at times)

      I think most people still have an impression that China has a very communist regime, but I really beg to defer because that's a very outdated idea about China. China has evolved a great deal, although there are still many barriers to overcome.