Asking a guy out?

Girls, would you ever ask a guy out instead of having him ask you? I've always wondered about that. I know girls like that are out there, but why are they so few? Do you think this will change in the future where its a little more even that guys and girls ask each other out equally?

I find it a little curious that the girls under 18 are more willing than the older ones. Could it be a generation thing? Or is it merely a phase that will change when they get older?


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  • Nope not me! I don't do that! I feel that if a guy is interested in you he will ask you out himself when he gets ready. If I have to do it, then maybe he wasn't that into me in the first place?

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      No you're just being an coward.. And have that entitled mindset that you should wait for guys to swarm around and ask you out.

      There is NOTHING wrong with girls asking out guys.. Please think in our shoes for once..

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      Think in your shoes for what? Men have been asking women out for years and they still do it in the real world. Why is it that only on girlsaskguys are there a bunch of guys whining about how hard it is to ask girls out? every other guy does it stop making excuses for your pansyness.