Why doesn't she talk to me much anymore?

Me and this girl were great friends for the last like 3 years. About 3 months ago, she started to flirt with me a ton, and hold my hand and whatnot. I liked her too so I asked her to be my Girlfriend and of course she accepted.

2 Weeks later we went to Homecoming, about 2 weeks after that she all the sudden said that we're too different to be together. We are very different, she loves to party and dance and such, and I like to cuddle and be silent. But things were working out just fine! We were hanging out every day, we talked a ton, and everyone called us the perfect couple. Then she broke up with me.

This was like a month ago, and ever since she has hardly talked to me, except she says hey at the end of the school day. And like 2 times a week she will text me and ask what's up.

I just want to know why she never talks to me anymore!


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  • Since she broke up with you, I'm not sure what her reasons are, she may just be using the distance she has created between you two to get over you. She likes you but she is trying to get over you. It depends.

    I did that with my ex except he screwed up so bad he didn't get any text/ IM/ or casual 'hi' from me. You can always initiate conversation with her or something.


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  • A lot of girls avoid their exes because they think it'll be awkward and usually they don't want to face a broken hearted guy knowing they were the one to cause his pain. She's probably trying to see if you still want to be friends with her by casually texting you.It sounds like she broke up with you because she's not ready to settle and sometimes when girls start falling for a guy too hard they get scared and run away from the relationship. I think she's trying to respect your space because she's not sure how you feel, whether you want to be friends or just not talk to her.

  • maybe she's interested in another guy?:[

    ask her maybe, if you're not too shy! I know id be haha


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  • There could be a lot of reasons. If it was as abrupt as you say, I think it must've been something to do with her own self-consciousness or insecurities. She probably became afraid of something and was spooked out of it. You've got a lot of time until school ends so for now I'd continue to play it cool and be nice to her. Wait and see if anything comes up.

    • Alright that's a bit of what I expected, thanks a lot mate. I have love almost all feelings for her (im definitely still her friend I mean) but who knows, I can regain em.