Why do men like to confuse women?

its always the actions of men that can confuse women and make women worry about how they should act


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  • Because it's fun? Because it's easy.

    Give a girl a map.

    Instant confusion.

    LOL Okay I know I'm stereotyping. Still, my daughter can't read a map and I'm hoping

    she'll learn fast.

    And yes I was sort of joking about the map. Men don't like to confuse women all the time.

    Only when it can show up that occasionally a man DOES know more than a woman.


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  • I decided not to give a legit answer as soon as I saw the word 'always'.

  • bwuahahahahaaha

    • and what is funny

    • You have it exactly backwards is all.

    • do I now why don't you expain then

  • Why do women like to confuse men? Question goes both ways

  • often times we're simply confused ourselves. we're almost never 100% sure about something/someone, it's always a grey area.


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  • Pretty sure a mans motives generally aren't aimed purely at confusion. People are confusing I don't think it's gender related.

  • i think its unintentional. just as it is for women... also it has to do with how people think..

    i.e.: I don't want to be nagging, or seem like I'm needy. I want him/her to text me that way I know theyre interested. blah blah blah ect. ect.

    its just the way things are, if you're lucky you'll find a guy who is straight forward with you. girls confuse guys just as guys confuse girls. its an argument males and females get into often about you guys are confunsing and you girls make no sense. there's really no reasoning to why we do the things we do.. we just do them.

  • i noticed that too. it's like they always want to keep us guessing

    • isn't that what you want, to be kept guessing, for things to be exciting? when things become predictable is when the romance leaves the relationship.

      think about it