Why do guys want to hook up with me, and not date me?

Why is it every time I like someone they either don't like me..or they just want to hook-up with me. but they never want to date me? I mean lots of people tell me I'm pretty and I don't flirt a lot. I don't really unless its with the guy I like and I only focus on one guy at a time. but say I liked a guy since I was really little and then stuff happend between us and we hooked up just once. but when he is around his family and friends he treats me like I'm just a little sister. why does he do that, because I'm not his little sister and I want something more but I don't know how to approach him about it...please help me..


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  • because you're 16Guys at that age are super hormonal and just want to fool around, praying they'll "get sex" from a girl

    • if he just wanted sex, than why would he get jealous. the other day I was hanging out with another guy while he was around. and this guy was rubbing my arm, and rabbing the back of my neck and shoulders, and he was hugging me, and playing with my hair. and the dude (that just wants sex) looks over every 2 seconds and his eyes are BIG. and I could tell in his face that he was a little mad. and then he kept trying to get my attention. why would he get jealous if he just wanted sex?

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  • maybe he doesn't want his family finding out? what does he act like when its just you two? and with the guys only wanting to hookup with you, maybe your giving off something like maybe you're wearing short and tight clothes?

    • trust me. it wasn't bad.

    • this might not be it but some guys tend to ignore the girl if sex was bad, either that or he jsut feels awkward

    • he tried putting moves on me quite a few times. but I didn't get the hint untill he gave me a message asking if I wanted come come out there when everybody is asleep and give him a massage. then I got the hint. and well he was stong, and he was sweet, but after that happend..he just kinda forgot about me in a way. he didn't hardly look at me that next day. so I don't know what we are. I don't know if we are friends or FWB, or dating...idk I'm really confused!

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