Why do I always have to start the conversation via text? How often should I text my crush?

I always have to start the conversation with my crush, he always responds and we have great conversations, but I wanna know why he's not be texting ME first... Sometimes this makes me feel like I'm bothering him or coming off as clingy! any idea of what is going on or what I should do? Any help would be appreciated :)

Also, how often should/can I text my crush?


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  • I feel the same way. I would even go a while without texting the girl I like just to see if she will ever start the convo. Every once in a while, we will be messaging back and forth, and have a good conversation going for weeks... and then I send something and she doesn't reply at all. I don't know if it's because I wrote something that isn't exactly a question so therefore can't exactly be answered back... or if I wrote something and she just didn't want to respond because I was being annoying or whatever. Of course I could ask, but I already know the other... because they will always say something you want to hear rather than tell you the truth because they don't want to hurt your feelings... and even when you tell them to tell you the god honest truth, you don't know for sure if what they are telling you is the truth, or if they still feel bad and decide to lie to avoid hurting my feelings... even though I just told them my feelings wouldn't be hurt...

    Then when I do finally write to them several days or longer later... they are like.. hey It's been a while. I miss you... and here I am thinking.. if you really missed me then why didn't you write me? Or sometimes they will say that they were waiting me to write them... in which I would say, well I was waiting for you to reply to me since I was the last one to leave a message...

    I would love to give you an answer as to how often, but as you can clearly see... I'm probably not the best person to get that kind of info from.


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  • How often are you currently texting him? If you're texting him everyday for example then take a break. Give it a couple of days and then see if he texts you first.


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  • This happens to me too! It really gets annoying especially when you're really into him. I usually start the conversations, and he responds well and we can keep talking for a good amount of time until he says goodnight... the conversation basically stops right there :/ I respond goodnight to him too and by the next day onward, he doesn't start a conversation with me. This really gets on my nerve that I have to start the conversation but sometimes but you have to lay it off for a while! Maybe don't talk to him everyday, but a few times a week? I'm sure he won't see you as being too 'clingy'. I, myself wishing to press that send button every night to see how he's going. You are not alone, my friend haha!