Why does he keep trying to talk to me?

me and this guy stop talking because he did something bad!

last week he started texting me, he texts me everyday but our convo. does not last long after a few texts he stops texting

sometimes he texts were the convo left off, or he just says hey again

EVERYDAY what's up with this


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  • He likes you... and wants to talk to you. and as for the dropoffs- he doesn't have anything to go on i.e the conversation wore out... or he needs time to think about what to write next. my guess is that this guy is pretty shy...

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      -_-he shouldn't be shy after all we have been through

      on our last convo. he asked me how I was I told him

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      lol... he won't know that unless you tell him. don't assume guys can figure stuff out in relationships... we usually are shut at that xD

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      mmm...if we decide to talk about the past I will tell him lol