Pretty girls make me sad? What to do?

I haven't had a girlfriend in almost two years. It makes me feel like a looser, and completely undesirable. Whenever I see a pretty girl, either on tv, or in real life, it's like a trigger is set off and I feel depressed, angry, and's runining my life. Can anyone relate, or have advice?


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  • A lot of girls are a waste of a pretty face.

    Being pretty does not make you beautiful. There are a lot of girls with pretty faces who...

    - have terrible relationship skills

    - lack true depth

    - lack intelligence

    - are selfish

    - believe that they have to be a b*tch to get what they want

    - they manipulate guys for whatever they can get

    - they have daddy issues

    - they are trying to compensate for something that is lacking within by buying overpriced clothes, shoes, purses

    - they don't think they're pretty so they pile on a tone of make-up

    Pretty faces don't guarantee quantity. So don't feel bad. Just because a girl is pretty doesn't mean she is true girlfriend and wife material. Don't be fooled by a "gilded butterfly".

    "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" - Shakespeare

    Gilded means to be painted with a thin layer of gold. A lot of girls are gilded butterflies. They use make-up, clothes, jewlery, status, and all of these different illusions to appear beautiful. But butterflies don't need gold paint because they're naturally beautiful

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      I also want to add that I know a lot of pretty girls who are lacking in so many important things such as loyalty, integrity, generousity, self love, knowing how to love and appreciate others and so much more. Being pretty didn't mean sh*t lol

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      That's good, Steve! because if you were the type of foolish guy who only looked for gorgeous girls to date, than you would be overlooking a lot of really awesome girls out there! Some who may have been able to give you more than even the most gorgeous girl! I think that too much emphasis is put on being pretty. As a girl who went from plain jane to getting checked out all of the time, it's really not all that great. It also doesn't mean anything if the girl can't see it.

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      There are a lot of pretty girls who don't even see it because they're too busy thinking that there's one way to be pretty and because they don't have those looks then they're not pretty. ugh it's just a hot mess! I really just think that pretty faces are overrated because there are a lot of times where they don't come with attractive personalities so they might as well be ugly