Would you cuddle with a friend?

Is it normal? Specially guys, would you cuddle with a friend and show PDA when you don't have other type of feelings for her (meaning: like your friend)?


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  • It'd really depend on the friend, but my I'd say yes.

    I am generally not comfortable with PDA unless I know the person very well, but if the nature of our relationship was very clear to both I would have no problem with it.

    If I was uncertain how he felt about me I would steer clear to avoid sending the wrong message.


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  • yep if she's brunette and under 160 I would no doubt thanks later good luck bye

  • Well, it depends how comfortable I am with that girl. I do it in the company of some close friends but in public its not really allowed where I live due to ethnic norms.

    I would say it is normal within limits. One must really make sure that the other person doesn't get uncomfortable because that can drive them away and I have experienced that too.

    • But I mean, would you cuddle with a friend? and would you show PDA to her?

    • Well, if she is a very close friend of mine. I wouldn't mind showing it to her bcoz we are really close.

      My definition of a girl I am in a relationship is anyways that my girlfriend should be my ("real" and only) best friend. This philosophy has enabled me to really emotionally connect with my lady friends.

  • I cuddle with my best (girl) friend but only when we're alone

  • It would depend, I have one guy friend who cuddles all the time. Normally I don't cuddle with girls other than my girlfriend because of what people assume about it... And sometimes ill joke around and cuddle with guys, but everyone knows I am straight so there is nothing to worry about there...

  • It depends on my feelings for her. If she is more of an acquaintance, then no. But if she is a really close friend, yes, but to a point. Usually though, she has to initiate it, since I am not the PDA kind of guy. Some guys are different, however.


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  • Only if I wanted something more, or it was in the moment or something.

    With stictly friends though? No I wouldn't, it's just too much.

  • I have done it with one friend. He just makes me feel really comfortable.

    • But any "more than friends" feelings?

    • Well, I can't lie. Yes. The thing is, I have a boyfriend and I feel like it is just the safe choice to stay with him right now.

  • why stay with someone who is only a 'safe choice'?

  • I don't think it's normal. if my boyfriend hung out with a friend and she was cuddling with him, uh, it's a no-no. so I don't do it. I think that's reserved for more than friends. some people have boundaries for that sort of stuff.

  • I wouldn't cuddle with a guy friend. I would hug them but only like to greet them.