Male coworker ignores me?

Why does this guy ignore me? We work in a small office with 4 girls and 3 boys however he simply just doesn't speak to me. This has been the case since I started working there. He was already working there when I started. He will say hi to everybody but me, will not make eye contact with me. This is really obvious aswell, like when we are in a group he will make a point of of not looking at me and will not involve me in the converation. Sometimes when I say hi he will just look at me, sometimes he replies. He clearly goes out of his way to avoid me and not speak. He will never reply on Facebook either when I send him a comment or a message. When I have to speak to him he is very abrubt and looks almost uncomfortable. And the only things he does say to me is for example 'can you pass me the stapler' . I just don't get it, I mean I am a friendly and attractive woman and do not know have I have done to him. He doesn't seem to have a problem with others females included. And seems to be a loud friendly indiviual.

Do you think it is me or him?

i get on well with my other co-workers so I just don't get it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have a female co-worker that seems to ignore my existence if others are around (I can be standing beside her and it'll be like I am not there) yet she will often say something to me if I'm the only one around and comes off as being somewhat nice then. She doesn't do this to anyone else so it's some issue she has with me. It's annoying and insulting yet apparently that is how some people are. For a while I took it as something being wrong with me and wondered why yet I then realized she's just rude to be like that and I didn't do anything to deserve it.

    The key thing to remember is it is the person's issue not yours. There is no excuse for people to be that rude to their co-workers or anyone for that matter.