Is there anything wrong with "cuddling"?

I love to hug my girlfriend a lot and a lot of time just sit with her in my arms but sometimes she say I do it too much. Is there anything wrong with that ?

my bad *cuddling


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  • I personally don't mind lots of cuddling, it just shows that they care, and it's caring for you and not just your goods.


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  • Yes.

    It can be suffocating- physically and emotionally.

    Obviously for her you cuddle too much so stop or get a new girlfriend who cuddles as much as you want.

  • It could be a tad bit smothering to be hugged all the time. Plus she isn't a stuffed animal and if I were in public I would be embarrassed tbh.

    • not in public just when we are together like at her house or my house or something like that

  • No there isn't. I could cuddle with someone all day and not get tired of it. I guess it depends on preference and some girls might not like it very much. Your not doing anything wrong though and I bet if you stop doing it, she will want you to go back to the way you were. Sometimes you don't know what you have until its gone and it makes you appreciate things more.

  • Why yes, it's spelled "cuddling."


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  • I really like to cuddle after sex, do girls like that or is it seen as clingy? If the time is right like we are watching a movie or something, I love to cuddle especially if its cold.