Do girls who post pics in bikinis and lingerie on Facebook looking for attention?

I have noticed that some women who are in relationships post sexual pics of themselves on social networks such as Facebook. I personally think they are trying to gain attention and it is morally wrong for them to do such a thing, especially since they are in a relationship.


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  • Yea girls that do that come across as slutty sometimes. It's not as bad if it's just a pic of her at the beach with some friends but if she is purposely flaunting her body for all to see it seems worse


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  • Well, none of my friends on FB have ever posted lingerie pictures, but some of them post bikini pictures. Usually it's because they've went on a vacation to Mexico or somewhere, wanted to post their trip pictures, and it just so happens that when you're in Mexico, you spend most of your time on the beach. I'm sure there are some who post them just for attention, but I don't think it's always the case.

    • even if they are in a relationship.. I feel sorry for the boyfriend. It seems like she is not getting enough attention from him. Its crazy to see the comments from other guys.

    • I wouldn't assume it's because she isn't getting enough attention from her boyfriend, I think that some people just have low self-esteem and thrive on getting attention from lots of people.

  • I just find it a little vain, but whatever

    • I think sometimes people have to be like " whatever " because its another persons body and mentality.

  • If they are posing in provocative ways by themselves or with friends-attention

    If they are with family members or their boyfriend-they're just uploading pics like most people

    • By themselves in a sexual way is considered what to you? Especially since they are in a relationship. I'm not just talking about one individual picture either.

    • Did you not read the first part of my answer?

  • equally the same as guys posting shirtless pics. they want attention and they think their cute. both vain and both are looking for attention but to each their own. if your not naked go for it! if you don't like it don't look at it :)

  • Yup, just for attention. Feel sorry for them, they've obviously got low self esteem.

  • i think its disgusting to do that when you have a boyfriend its so disrespectful to him, like he wants everyone to see his girlfriend like that. girls who do that are obviously sluts and should be treated like trash not dignity


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  • i don't get it myself, girls and guys who show off their bodies on Facebook or wherever seems like they might like the attention people might give them. Nothing is wrong with it, but if you think about it, you wonder why do they need to put their picture up containing things like that? Oh well, if they are in a relationship they might be doing it for attention. I'm in a relationship and I could post a picture of me without a shirt on Facebook or even here, but what is the point? I don't think I want that kind of attention, I rather people want to hang around me for my personality / charisma over looks. Eh, not everyone thinks that way unfortunetly.

    • Everyone might not think that way, but the majority of people do. I think people should at least have a little bit respect for their partner being that they are in a relationship.

  • yep

  • not a fan of it myself, seems a little bit trashy

  • wouldn't shock me

  • i think bikini pictures they aren't but lingerie they are

  • haha. yeah. they probably are looking for compliments and attention.

    i know another girl that did it in a dress, she managed to pull the same thing off- without looking slutty and easy.