Ask a girl for her number?

Is there a way to ask a girl for her number indirectly and not directly (by directly I mean just go up to her face and ask. I can't do this since I'm very SHY). The girl who's number I want to get is also shy so I would also like a way to get her number without scaring her?


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  • You have to ask yourself...why do you want her number? Do you want to ask her out on a date, or just text? Anyone is flattered when someone asks for a number, or a date, and even IF she isn't interested, you have nothing to lose, and worst case scenario will make her feel good about herself. Indirectness is confusing. Us girls need to know for sure a guy is interested. Even if she is shy, the situation might feel a little awkward at first, but my advice would be, just get chatting about something you have in common, maybe a mutual friend, a movie you know she has seen, etc, get a feel for the situation and her responsiveness to you and suggest she might like to do x, y or z with you. Have an idea of what you want to do first, so you can just drop it into the conversation and ask her if she would like to give you her number so you can call her about it. Its easier than just going up to her and asking for her number...that might freak her need to give her some indication you are interested first, and gauge her response. That way you will know whether its OK to get her number, and it takes the pressure off both of you. Good Luck!


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  • You could leave your number first and she'll be tempted to call you. That's one indirect way, and making sure you smile at her when you do it (a natural smile, not a freaky one)

  • ask for her email first and maybe you guys could chat it up on msn. since msn isn't face to face she'll be more comfortable towards u. plus you could use the things you guys talked about on msn as conversation starters in real life. asking on msn or even face to face later on will work.

    also, I really don't get the "oh ur gonna scare her thing" cause most shy girls are NOT scared, they may seem scared but they aren't. they just don't know how to communicate that well, or just isn't confident enough or are just afraid of making a fool of themselves.shy girls are not afraid of people! they are not going to start crying if you ask them, hahahaha.

  • Hey, I'm a girl. And I'm extremely shy. The guy that I work with is also extremely shy & I really like him. I have a feeling that he likes me back, since he asks a mutual friend about me whenever I'm not there. What I'm getting at, is that you need to be the initiator. Because, currently, I'm standing around, looking at this guy who's looking at me in the exact same way, with the same smile, and getting nowhere.

    I could say the same thing to myself, that I should make a move. The thing is, though, that I'm a girl. Guys get away with such things better than girls do.

  • i si suppose it depends on weather you talk to this girl?

    or if you just see her around.

    if you talk to her then my advice would be

    (this can be in person or on msn or something)

    tell her youve lost your phone and you need to find it, can she ring it so you can try and find it ?

    thats a good one.

    or to be honest, just be honest with her

    you don't need to go and tell her you like her, but tell her youd like to get to know her better, and could you have her number so that you could give her a call sometime :)shyness is something that needs to be overcome, so maybe if you push the boat aout and try, maybe you will over come it, and it will her more confidence because shell get used to talking to you!

    sorry about my typos, I've got some serious laptop lag.


  • Write your # on a piece of paper. Give it to her.. Tell her "i like u and i would love to hear from you sometime."

  • If you give her yours first, she's bound to call you back. (If she likes you that is...) haha!

  • if you talk to this girl, then you could get a hold of her phone(like if she's texting, just grab it from her) and then put your number in there and tell her to text you. if she doesnt. then the next time you see her you should tell her "hey, soo why didn't you text me?={) that's how my boyfriend asked me for my phone number inderectly. and now we have been together for years!


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  • with you being shy I doubt you can scare her haha

    just go up to her and ask her how she's doing, making a nice small talk, then make excuse to leave while teh conversation is still has not finish and say "i got to go, but here's my number" *write it down on something or type on her phone* "give me a text and we'll continue this conversation" by you give her ur number and tell ehr to text, she has all the time to give you her number by texting without knowing that her number is being taken.

    hope tth helps =]

  • If she is shy you can be the boss then :P somebody should do it!

    Instead of asking the phone number you should start from her email address or facebook contact. It's less private and she won't have problems to give it to you. As soon as she feels conformable with you ask her to have a date and her number. ;)

    good luck

  • hmm. when you 2 are hanging out somewhere (school sports game, mall, ect) or a place where you will get the chance to be around her, if she is listening to music on her phone you could ask to see if you like any of her music. then find a song, and you could then put your number in her phone when you are done. it has worked for me.