Should I ignore her?

I called a girl to see if she wanted to hang out the next day, but she didn't get back to me until a few days later. Even though she said she was sorry for getting back so late, she didn't mention if she still wanted to hang out. That was that and then we went four weeks without communicating. So I assume she's not interested.

I'll be seeing her at school soon and I was wondering what I should do around her. We're not really friends and we're not in the same social circles, so that will probably make it easier to ignore her.


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  • It could also be said that you didn't ask her in enough notice. A lot of girls still stand by the rule that a guy should ask a few days in advance for a date.

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      the idea was to lower the stakes/pressure. So I assumed that if she couldn't make it but still wanted to hang out, she would've said something.