Girl gives you her number?

When a girl gives you her number without you asking what does that mean?

OK, there is this girl I have been crushing on. we finally met up. After not even having any contact with her for 3 years. We planned to meet where we both used to work so we knew where we were going to meet. And agreed on a time, keep in mind the contact we had was via email. The question is the day before she gave me her number and I didn't ask because I didn't consider it a date.

( Later found people considered coffee where I pay for everything a date) But she gave me her number I'm thinking for courtesy to contact each other if we are running late. But others have said when a girl does that gives you her number without you asking. She wants you to use it. What do you guys think?


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  • I think you're thinking too much.

    If a girl gives me her number, I call her.

    If she never calls me back, she was blowing me off. her loss.

    if she calls me back and schedules a date, I'm happy.

    either way, the problem is solved and I don't waste time wondering what she's thinking.


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  • Usually when a girl gives a guy her number without him asking for it, it's a hint that she wants the guy to make a move, although in your case it could have also been because that you two were going to meet up. Maybe she got sick of just communicating over email and would rather talk to you on the phone. Either way you look at it, she wouldn't have given you her number if she didn't want you to call.

  • Maybe she just wants to be your friend, I've given my number to guys to be friends or maybe at the time she was crushing on you. I agree with you, it doesn't necessarily mean she wants to be more than friends, especially from such a long separation : 3years, it doesn't make sense, she would just instantaneously want to hook up with you or consider you boyfriend material right away ^_^

    • The last part of your comment makes sense, I guess I should be happy I do want her in my life, that's why I'm cautious to persure her because I want to make sure I don't want to make things awkward

  • i gave my guy friend my nubmer that's because I secrelty LIKE LOVE HIM!

  • She is not going to give you her number and say don't use it. Just call her even if she is not in to you now, she just gave you an opportunity. Take it at face value she wants you to contact her. She will let you know if she is interested, especially if she thinks you are into her!

    • Don't you think she gave me that number to call only if I was late coming to meet her? Then again I used to to texted her about a camera (she's a photographer) and she responded like right away.

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    • What if she picks up what do I say

    • Well you start with Hey *her name* it is *yourname*. Then some pleasentries, how was your day or what ever feels apropreate. Then you ask her a question that you "need to know". this works best when you have a date and you need to confirm it. It lets her know you are thinking about her and its very consiterate. It can also relieve a lot of nerves on both sides. Good luck

  • if I'm meeting someone somewhere I always give them my number un case their plans change or they're late or something happens.

    • So your saying I shouldn't look to much into it

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  • Just a number dude, don't read into it like she gave you a condom.

    It might be because it was a cortesy move or maybe she's into you. Call her and make more dates and figure out if the two of you are a match.

  • Call her, get together and see how things go. That's the only way to see what it means.

  • This is an interesting question. I really want to know the answer. It happened to me before too.

  • It could be either, but if you weren't expecting it, she probably like you. I've had that happen before, but I knew right away what the girl wanted. Hopefully if you like her, which I'm guessing you do, at least more than you don't, then you can plan another date with her.

  • she gave it to you, so she could talk to you/give you directions etc... doesn't mean anything... could just mean that she's being really friendly

    • But we were meeting at the place where wo used to work together we both knew where it was.

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    • As friends though right

    • Yes