Are mysterious, elusive women very appealing?

I've been told that I give off the impression I'm someone who's hard to know/ quiet and has a lot of secrets.

Is this impression very attractive in a girl?

I'll admit a get a fair bit of attention from guys and I'm wondering if it could be partially because of this vibe I give off.


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  • its attractive to some guys but many guys these days are lazy and they go for the easier chicks. my sis is elusive too and the guys she was interested in, who were also interested in her at one point, gave up very easily.

    • In a way it's good because it can weed out the guys that are only after one thing.

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  • It may be interesting to the wrong kind of guys who simply want to chase someone. I would much rather a girl I can feel comfortable with than one whom is hard to communicate with because they think being hard to get is a good thing. I see it as they have something to hide and if that is the case they can keep it.

  • In my opinion, elusive and mysterious women are not appealing. Its not about the secrets or the shyness...the issue for me personally is when I finally get a mysterious girl to open up more to me, I find that she is...boring. I feel like I just wasted my time, and her time. That is not to say that all women that are "mysteriously elusive" are boring. It's just the ones I had met in the past. I would rather have a woman that is more open and that expresses themselves more, especially in something productive because I can relate to her somehow. I cannot ever relate to someone that is going to be elusive.

    Hope that helps.

    • It's interesting that there's this assumption that these types of girls play hard to get or never open up. I'm quite open about a lot of things and I don't see the need to hide myself.

      This is probably a stupid question, but can you make a distinction between a girl like you described and one like me? I can't really help if I look this way :/

    • Its tough to make comparisons because I do not really know your personality type. The girls I was with were way too shy and it was beyond the "hard to get" stage. These girls were not only shy about their feelings and emotions, but they were shy about their hobbies, job, and interests. That would go on for a long time. Your most likely are not like that. It's OK to be shy, but when it goes on for a while, there is a problem.

    • That makes sense. Yeah, I'm definitely not like that but if a lot of girls are that way, it's easy to see why guys give up.

  • im sure some guys are alright with it, but not for me personally

  • They're appealing for like the first month, then it just gets annoying as hell. Sure it's like "Hmm...I'd like to get to know her more" but then you realize you're not going to, then it's just like "Wow this is getting old..."

  • No.

  • VERY

  • Yes dear and I'm sure you're cute too:)

  • If your quiet it gives the vibe that you're not easy, a guy loves a challenge and someone who doesn't look like a slag (no offence girls)


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  • Not really!

  • I've been told the same thing, and I've had similar experiences. I think it makes us seem interesting and challenging which attracts guys, but from past relationships it's become a problem when I'm not very transparent (even when I think I am!). So from my experience that vibe attracts guys, but it frustrates them when they try to get to know a girl who doesn't open up quickly. Just my two cents!

    • Yes! I's like you are mysterious and appealing but, in getting to know you, feels more like you are playing hard to get and leading us a merry chase...which does not make us very merry...

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    • haha sorry... it's something I'm working on :)

    • Interesting.

  • Yeah because it's more exciting to guys. They like the thrill of the chase sometimes and so they keep seeing you because you keep them guessing.

  • A guy told me once that I'm like a book that he always wants to read the next chapter because he never knows what's coming for him so...For many its is appealing and especially the ones that want to take you seriously and not just out what´s behind the elusive person...

    • That's true. It definitely doees weed out the players and guys that are only after one thing :)

  • Well I have this friend who flirts with me and he's always talking about how I'm hard to read. So yeah, I think some guys find mysterious girls appealing.