Girls how do you feel when a guy you like ignores you?

I normally disagree with the treat em mean, treat em keen philosophy. However I notice that girls seem to want the guy more when he ignores her now and then. The guys that make all the effort with girls seem to get less attention and tend to get brushed aside. I have experienced this many times as I'm an effort maker. What do you ladies think? Honest answers please!

I meant treat em mean, keep em keen! Doh! ha ha
Thanks for the comments so far ladies. My latest incident is a girl I've been making too much effort with I guess, she goes off with me for no reason still. So now I'm going to ignore her a while now, I hope she can appreciate me more or ill just more on.
Lots of feedback from you girls and I appreciate what you all are saying. I still say hello to this one particular girl but that's about it. She was all for meeting up and talking a lot before but now she has been talking to me, so I'm doing the same!
I meant not talking to me. Can't squeeze in much here lol I agree with you girls that ignoring is rude cos it can upset but what else can I do esp after I have made so much effort? I've tried talking but it got me nowhere. So I need to back off now.
I think a lot of you girls are missing my point. If a girl really liked me and made an effort, I would never just ignore her. However I find that a lot of women do not appreciate a genuinley nice guy. I don't mean a clingy guy, I mean a nice decent guy.
Im really glad I went with my instincts and did what I had to with this girl. She has been bitching behind my back about me for weeks and has also been making contact with an abusive ex! I also found out today she has a boyfriend hence the coldness!


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  • It's not "ignoring" that work - it's playing the game. You can either play or not - this is your choice. Unfortunately most people respond to the game better then not. Always leave her wanting more (the same advice I would give about men).

    PLAYING means mystery - and it takes skill (blow it and she could totally walk). Don't be available all the time - have your own life.even if you're lying.say that you are busy all weekend but would love to get together on Wednesday (not Monday or Tuesday). Don't give any explanations just leave her wondering why she's not your #1 priority. Text her on Sunday saying you're looking forward to Wednesday. Don't reach out again until Wednesday morning to confirm details. Only do this until you feel you are moving forward together and she has feelings for you.

    NOT PLAYING means being honest and calling her and texting her and sending her flowers and following her around and waiting for her to call you back and watching her date another guy.

    Good luck!

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      So true...its hard to remember that. but its so valuable.

      if you remember that she is thinking about you and you're having an effect by not being with her at her whim and talking to her all of the time its easier to do this. just remember that your lack of an action is action itself.

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      I'm confused about what you disagree with...? I actually said in my original post "Only do this until you feel you are moving forward together and she has feelings for you." and then I explained in more detail in my response to JustMePurely that you can't continue this behaviour once a relationship starts because things are different then.

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      It's the first part I disagree with. The only time I didn't like lots of phone calls and attention was if I wasn't into the guy. It's hard to tell if we are into them at first I agree so maybe it is best to be cautious.