Why do you like having girls sit on your lap, or girls, why do you like sitting on a guys lap?

Guys, why do you like to have a girl sit on your lap? Does it ever hurt if your girlfriend is bigger or around the same size as you? I always feel like I'm going to hurt the guy by sitting on his lap, but all my boyfriends always loved when I would sit on their laps, especially in public. Why?

Girls, why do you like sitting on a guy's lap? I personally liked it when I would and they would put there arms around me and it was kinda a good way to cuddle in public without being overly awkward. plus I just liked having his arms around me. I find that to be one of the greatest feelings ever.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Its a showoff thing isn't it, she's sitting on your lap so you must be close to her and more often then not, you'll have the envious guy across the room watching you because its like that.

    WIth girlfriends its cuddling(well the way you describe it anyway ;)) without being mocked by the boys afterward for being too girlie =)