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Why do you like having girls sit on your lap, or girls, why do you like sitting on a guys lap?

Guys, why do you like to have a girl sit on your lap? Does it ever hurt if your girlfriend is bigger or around the same size as you? I always feel... Show More

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  • Its a showoff thing isn't it, she's sitting on your lap so you must be close to her and more often then not, you'll have the envious guy across the room watching you because its like that.

    WIth girlfriends its cuddling(well the way you describe it anyway ;)) without being mocked by the boys afterward for being too girlie =)

What Guys Said 3

  • Yeah it is one of the greatest feelings, it's really intimate and makes me feel more dominant (in the good way)

  • It's f***ing sexy to me haha. I mean there's only a few layers of clothing between my penis and her vajayjay lol. Just being completely frank here.

    • look at you getting downed for being completely honest...that annoys :\ do girls really think that's not a factor for guys? lol

What Girls Said 7

  • girls, why do you like sitting on a guys lap? I like sitting on gay guys lap because it's comfortable..people make the best chairs to me...and I don't have to be grossed out by the fact that he's hard or that he may be thinking about me sexually.

  • Because it's f***ing awesome, especially facing him. Hands around his neck, in his hair and his around my waist, on the small of my back. Easy access to everything + feeling his boner right against my crotch. Heaven.

  • I love having their arms around me, but feel weird sittin on their lap for too long. I'm 5'10" - I'm not light!

    • Im 5' 10'' too. So I'm always worried about being to heavy for them. I'm average sized for my height, but it still makes me so self conscious.

    • Yeah, me too! I'm just thinking "arghh, I'm squishing the crap outta him!" lol

    • yeah same.

  • I agree with Slipslender.

  • i also really like the feeling of his arms around me. idk... it's just really warm and protective :)

    • What if he got wood though? lol turn on?

    • that happens. not necessarily a turn-on. just is. lol

  • feeling his boner rise;D

  • To be close. Being held is wonderful. Especially in his lap facing him, wrapping legs around him with his arms around my waist & mine around his neck or hands on his face or chest. Laughing, talking & kissing. Very intimate.

    • I love playing w/hair to whilst in a lap. Dreamy.

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