Why are women so subtle when they like a guy?

why can't most women be more forward and direct when they like a guy. who cares if they get rejected. is it girl code growing up to be subtle or is it just instinctual...?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Because for us women it means a lot more to us that a man would choose us, preferably a man that we like. If we choose him then that sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. I know I will have to be responsible to set up dates and be in charge and do everything like if I am the man just because the guy put no effort into approaching me. I've been through this more than once and it is tested to be accurate. If the guy doesn't approach then he just isn't that into you. I think it's more of a society thing rather than instinctual. I mean maybe back in caveman days it was probably instinctual, but now we are more evolved, yet we still act this way due to social issues.