If a girl ignores your text, what would you do?

Let's say you haven't text each other in a week and a half and you text her and she doesn't text back. What would you do? Why?


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  • real men don't text. You can't buy a hot lady a drink via text, capiche?


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  • Forget her because she A. Clearly isn't interested or B. Is playing crazy psycho girl (potential psycho girl at least) games and likes to head f*** you till she's bored. Either way it isn't worth the time or effort to pursue it, in my opinion.

  • wait a day or two than text agaion if she still doesn't respond move on.

  • My generation has a unique solution.

    Use the telephone for which it was intended: CALL BY VOICE!

    It really isn't that painful.

    And sometimes it gets better results.

    • What if you two have never spoken over the phone? Only communicated through text or face to face?

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    • Yep, and if they don't respond to the call or return the call, all communication ceases.

    • Contact someone face to face. It's harder (but not impossible) for them to hang up on you.

      Then it hurts.

  • Well if I'm trying to flirt with this girl then this my queue to move on

  • When I send someone a message, it's their turn to send one back. If they don't, all communication ceases.

    • Lame. It's a wonder anything gets done.

    • Sorry clown, I don't waste time feeding people's egos. If they aren't interested at that moment in time, I move on. Take it somewhere else, good day. :D

  • I delete her # and think screw that bitch.

  • If a girl does not respond to communication (text/email/phone messages) I would think she's not interested. If she doesn't have the respect to respond to me, then it's time to move on to another girl. She's obviously not that into me.

  • Nothing


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  • Take it as a sign from God & move on.

  • dont let it get to you. ignore her. it drives us girls crazy when we are ignored. then she will mos likely text you. but if not. forget her and move on