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When a guy says "maybe", does that mean "no"?

So there's this guy who always stares at me whenever I'm near. I started talking to him because I wanted to get to know this guy who's always looking... Show More

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  • You're right, sometimes when guys say 'maybe' they're trying to let you down easy. But it's not always the case. Seeing as how you said that he's shy, he may feel nervous, and just wants to take some time before saying yes. If he doesn't get back to you with a solid answer of yes or no, you can try asking again. He could also have said 'maybe' cause he may just want to stay friends. Don't feel embarrassed, you took a risk, most girls wait for the guy to ask a girl out, but you didn't, you put yourself out there. Good for you!

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  • I don't think you should be embarassed at all! The guy obviously had or has interest in you. He's probably just too embarassed himself that you noticed. Probably a little nervous too, that you asked him out. He probably just kind of freaked out a little. When you talk to him again, just ask him to join a group activity really casually. if you say 'hey a bunch of us are going to the game/out for pizza/whatever, you should come with. bring friends if you want', then he can come if he wants to, not go if he doesn't want to, and there's no pressure either way. That way too, it's not awkward if he does go, because it won't be just you two, especially if he's shy. Some guys are just weird that way, especially if they're young. But don't stress! If he isn't ready to date or whatever, it isn't you, it's him. Major kudos to you for having the guts to ask him out; a LOT of guys appreciate that!

  • Forget about it! If he wants to hang out he'll ask you. Ball is now in his court.

  • Honnestly I don't think anyone can give you a straight answer of why he was smiling as we weren't there! it could be one of the two you gave! it depends on the guy!But on a lighter note: if he is interested perhaps it is because he's shy, but happy that you made the first move! But it doesn't know what that implies for you by hanging out! Like just walking around and chatting or going to the cinema or a bite to eat etcOr he likes you as a mate but he's just not interested in a relationship, but will hang out with you!Were you looking at him all the time or not? Just sometimes they look at you if they think you're looking at them!

    • Honestly? I hardly look at him. I noticed him staring at me because it's hard not to notice, especially as we have one class at school together. Plus, my friends tell me that he looks at me a lot.

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