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How do you make a guy blush?

I want to see how red he turns so what's a good way to make a guy blush?

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  • I know this may sound inappropriate to why you want him to blush, but one good way is to say, when with his friends, "when am I going to see that thing you keep waving in your pants at me with. Its always a focal point when I look, so just wondered if I was ever going to see it." This is in a way a compliment and won't have him taking it the wrong way where he gets upset with you, but it will make him blush, because having a girl say something like that out of the blue when your unprepared for it really will have him smiling and laughing but red as a beetroot, good luck,x

What Guys Said 12

  • If you give him a sincere compliment, he might.

  • Be nice and compliment him but be sincere about it :)

  • Please don't do that but just compliment him if you really want to

  • Depends on his personality. If he's shy, just about any affirmation or flirtation should do the trick.

  • You have to be someone that he likes... If you aren't a girl that he likes, then chances are he's not going to blush when you're around.

  • stare him right in the eye and tell tell him how amazing he is

  • Grab his penis

  • Being flirtly & flattering works.

  • flirting is the best way and it's a plus if he likes you

  • Just flirt with him and compliment him. If he likes you and is shy he'll most likely instantly blush

  • If he likes you smile and make eye contact and he might look away and blush but only if he's shy ...

What Girls Said 1

  • Be in the right place, in the right time. I caught a guy blushing when he pulled an accidentally dumb move around me ;) It was so cute.

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