When a guy touches your lower back/hugs you from behind around your waist?

how can you flirt back and does this mean he likes you?


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  • just allow him to do these things. He'll dig it. Yes, he likes you.


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  • Put your chin on his shoulder - press your face into the side of his neck a little.

    Men understand the messages from physical contact very profoundly - the slightest bit of extra physical contact can get the point across quite clear.

    I have a crush on my guy friend and he hugged me like that - I put my head on his shoulder and he tried to kiss me :D

    • Oh and lol depending on how close you are to the guy - and how playful extroverted you are - me and my guy buddy always like rough house a little.

      I attack his chest and try to pinch him ( purple nurple >:D) and he laughs and fights back a little. Usually what he'll do is just pick me up and throw me over his shoulder - we just laugh and mess around like that.

      Things escalate of course - he'll try to smack my tushy or fondle me playfully - I of course giggle and get more physical with him

  • hug him back. back your hand on his back