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Did my boyfriend break up with me because of stress?

He broke up with me the other day after getting irritated because I asked him a question. It was a simple honest question, he got pissed off at me.... Show More

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  • When a person is stressed or upset the best thing to do is leave them alone. Give them time to put all their thoughts together. If you've done a mistake, like "buying the bootleg car" you really don't want anybody telling you "i told you! I told you not to buy it, you see, you see" That's annoying. It's annoying for the fact that he knows he did wrong and at the moment he doesn't really need that. Honestly, I do think you guys will get back together, you just need to give him some time. He acted the way he did not because he doesn't love you or doesn't want to be with you but because right now he's at a point where he is frustrated, he doesn't know what to do. It's like so many problems all at once!

    • Oh, no, no! I DIDN'T tell him that. I didn't rubb it in his face that he was wrong for buying the bootleg car. When he told me about it, I didn't say anything. All I said was I'm sorry that it happened. He got upset about that, he WANTED me to be a b*tch about it, because that's what he was expecting. And when I didn't behave in the way he normally does he got pissed. Simply because I cared about his feelings and didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

  • Honestly he broke up with you because he's a jerk. Sure he has all these problems and is stressed or whatever but everyone has problems and usually when someone is stressed or has issues they find comfort in speaking to their partner because that's who they love and trust right? He should also be able to listen to you too when you tell him your problems. And even if he didn't want to talk and needed time to cool down there was no need for him to break up with you. He could have simply said he needed space and time alone but that he would call you when he was calm ready to talk. You were supportive and he was rude, I'd say don't talk to him until he comes to you and if he doesn't his loss for not appreciating the person who just wanted to be there for him.

    • Yeah he was a complete jerk to me. He got pissed off because I couldn't even respond to him quick enough when we were talking on the phone. He was just being a complete jerk to me and constantly, constantly pointed out my mistakes and short comings. He didn't even admit to me that I was right about him buying that broke down car. He got angry about that cause when he told me how sh*tty the care was I didn't say anything. I didn't say anything cause he knew I was right.

    • And as usual he got pissed off that I actually cared about his feelings and rub in his face about the fact that I was right. I told him this and he never not once told me thanks or anything. Instead he just pointed out another instance when I made a big deal about him being wrong about something in the past. He always focus on the negative, never the good.

    • Exactly why you deserve better than him. He can't appreciate you so there's no point in being there for him,

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