Do guys like cuddling?

Question says it all. I'm just curious, I'd never cuddled before last night and it was really nice. I'm just wondering if guys like cuddling as much as girls do.


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  • yes we do. Especially after a really bad work week. It is like a place to hide from the world with a magical partner for a while. S*#t, I can believe a wrote that...

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  • LOVE cuddling! :P what's not to like? lol

  • Yar.

  • Yes, but I'm very selective with who I allow within my personal space.And girls were made for cuddling.

  • Yup! It's the bees knees! :)

  • yes, we do.

  • The idea of it sounds nice. Girls don't like me though ha ha so I'll never know.

  • I don't know about anyone else but I love to cuddle with my girl

  • Yes we do. But for the record... did you cuddle with a guy or girl last night? :D

    • guy, my boyfriend.

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  • Depends on the guy and how he's feeling. My current boyfriend absolutely loves cuddling, whether he's happy, or upset, or had a bad day. My ex however, only wanted to cuddle when he was feeling bad and wanted my attention on him.

  • they love it

  • Most guys do, but they get boners a lot when they do it. And then they start pestering you to play with it, instead of cuddling properly. LOL.