How to get older man's attention?

I am 24 years old and I have a serious crush on my neighbor who is in his late forty's. he is unattached but does have kids my age. we have only had 1 conversation but we see each other everyday and always say hello. He seems to be interested in me too and seems nervous when I talk with him and is always checking me out. now that it is cold I hardly see him because we are never outside so now it has been about a month that we have not spoken to each other. I was thinking I would send him a Christmas card. do you think this is a dumb thing to do considering our limited contact? Do you think just sending the card is sufficiently letting him know I'm interested? also I would like ideas on what to say in the card. I don't want to say the usual ' happy holidays' or something too juvenile. I want to say something a little sexy to get him thinking about me, but still with class and without being too forward. In other words I don't want him to think I'm a girl that's ready to go. thank you in advance! Any other suggestions to get his attention is welcome!

I do not live with my parents, I am an independent woman, with job, new car, etc. we do not have any of the same friend circles. He lives in a house up the street from my apartments.


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  • A card might be a good idea, just saying merry christmas, happy new year and that you hope everything is well with him, since it's been so long that you don't see him outside.

    If he checks you out, you already have his attention. But try not to show him too much flesh, or else he might just see you as a sexual goal. Be friendly, small neighbour talk is the best for your case.If he knows that you know his age, tell him you totally got surprised when you knew how old he was, because he totally looks your age. That will be a good way to tell him you don't see him as an old guy. You can ask him how he occupies his free times, and tell him you do it also, so maybe someday you could get together. Trade numbers or e-mails.