How do I make a guy chase me?

How do I "play hard to get" without being rude but letting them know that I'm definitely interested?


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  • It's my experience that playing hard to get means only giving him just barely enough to keep pursuing you, and so playing the game you can't let him know that you're definitly interested.

    This is why I stopped being the victim in the "hard to get" game. I do not play the game from either end, period. I used to chase girls who were playing hard to get and just gave up eventually, they played the game too long and ended up loosing a really good guy (and I'm not in the least bit afraid to say that).

    My suggestion, if you like him and he likes you, just tell him and get together with him. I don't care what anybody says, I HATE the chase.

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      I agree with you here, although must say, it seems men do not like to be chased so its a hard situation.. I am backing off from someone because I hope he will chase me because he has lost interest, and I want to regain his interest... so I understand the question well.

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      How you get his interest back depends on how it was lost in the first place.