How do I make a guy chase me?

How do I "play hard to get" without being rude but letting them know that I'm definitely interested?


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  • It's my experience that playing hard to get means only giving him just barely enough to keep pursuing you, and so playing the game you can't let him know that you're definitly interested.

    This is why I stopped being the victim in the "hard to get" game. I do not play the game from either end, period. I used to chase girls who were playing hard to get and just gave up eventually, they played the game too long and ended up loosing a really good guy (and I'm not in the least bit afraid to say that).

    My suggestion, if you like him and he likes you, just tell him and get together with him. I don't care what anybody says, I HATE the chase.

    • I agree with you here, although must say, it seems men do not like to be chased so its a hard situation.. I am backing off from someone because I hope he will chase me because he has lost interest, and I want to regain his interest... so I understand the question well.

    • How you get his interest back depends on how it was lost in the first place.

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  • Do not play hard to get, simple as that. Guys will lose interest if they have to chase you. You should be direct with him if you like him because guys do not follow signs well.

  • just tell him you're interested. Don't play games, all that does is waste time. Be upfront and honest. Sometimes, playing hard to get is a real easy way to make you seem like a bitch.

  • ...or you could just be yourself, drop hints and go with the flow. Playing hard to get is annoying so don't do it. Just causes confusion and aggravation.

  • be unreachable for the most part, if he really wants to chase you, he'll try to reach you the best way he can, as far as anything else goes, just tease him, if he likes your teasing he'll realize that you want to be chased, and he'll start to

  • Don't play hard to get

    Just ask him out. Be direct.

  • you can tease the guys and always have a smile. :)

  • why do girls have to make us feel miserable :) anyhow, whenever he approaches you, greet him with excitement , participate fully in his conversations , smile, laugh at his jokes but at some point, when he is enjoying this, get an excuse to suddenly leave don't forget to smile while you're leaving.. when you see him from away, smile at him, don't walk to him, let HIM walk to you... you need to make sure that you are 100% friendly and excited to see him yet, you always end the meeting... make sure you show him that you're interested, girls could lose guys because they're just trying to play hard to get.

  • Playing hard to get = not serious about the relationship. You'll screw up a lot of chances for good relationships if you still hang on to this childish notion of dating.

  • You can't make anyone do anything, especially if they don't want to do it.

    You're asking us how to indirectly manipulate people into doing what you want. That's a definition of a warped, unhealthy personality.

    The risk of playing hard to get is that the guy will get disgusted with the game, and will bail out on you. As the other guys have said, lots of us hate chasing girls.

    If you play hard to get, there's a strong chance you'll end up here in three months, wondering why this great guy lost interest in you. "What did I do wrong?"

    My advice:

    Be an adult. Communicate directly about your desires and expectations. Treat him as an equal. Don't try to manipulate people into doing things.

    You'll be a lot happier.


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  • I'm SO sick of people playing these games. If you're interested in someone, BE INTERESTED. Don't hide your emotions. You can't force someone to like you, nor can you push them to initiate flirtation. If he likes you, he'll let you know. Otherwise, take this situation into your own hands and let him know how you feel. This is the 21st century after all!

    Best of luck.

  • Ooo playing hard to get. I'm a shameless Hard To Getter.. Well first off try to get to know your guy, be his friend, I always make sure I eventually get my crush on MSN, Facebook or MySpace and eventually the more serious but "Casual" number exchange. When you guys are reasonably close enough, maybe find a good logical excuse to approach him [asking him for help, or something, make sure its good] and make sure you have a rivetting conversation. Find out a little about him, like if he mentions he's into something, read up on that so that you can have an intelligent conversation with him. Don't be afraid to show your opinions, and always leave him wanting more. After you both talk, don't talk to him till he initiates a conversation. My rule is always, let him start 3 conversations to one of mine. Another shameless tactic is maybe a Facebook status to get his attention [Not a OMG I LOVE YOU or I HATE MY LIFE] but something that you know he's interested in without it being too obvious, and see if he takes the bait. This also works over IM in your screen name. Once he's initiated a couple, contact him through another medium, like send him a friendly message asking him what he's upto. Always be interested in what he has to say, but not too interested. If he seems to be losing interest, cool off as quickly as you can. Don't always run up to him if you see him around, give him a friendly smile, and if you see him around recently after a conversation that HE initiates, give him a wave or a "hey how you doing" quick conversation while passing by. Don't ever walk up to him. Don't talk about other guys to make him jealous, just always be friendly, polite and courteous, and most of all be interesting. Also, don't hesitiate to ignore him. If you see him at a party, you don't have to rush and talk to him or acknowledge his presence. Keep him guessing, and be cryptic or vague but not annoyingly so when talking about plans to meet up [which you should NEVER initiate; let him chase you]

    Good luck! xx

    • This is the kind of behavior that makes me move on, there is not a shred of evidence in there that would make me think you're interested in me so I start looking to others while still being "friendly" with you.

      I can also be very cold hearted, I won't let you know that I've moved on.

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    • I had a guy who told me he liked the mabye its just him or the rest of the guy population hasn't realized it yet. either way id like some good advice, I wouldn't want to dissapoint him!

    • Gotc147 is right. We like to chase, but not really that much. Men think differently when it comes to love, but we're not stupid, we're logical creatures. If we don't see a reason why to keep chasing you, we're not gonna keep chasing you.

  • ughh, hard to get is annoying.

    for a girl or a guy. I don't know why people insist on doing it.

    its stupid and immature, no offence. So I really don't think you should do it.