How do I ask a girl out if she has a boyfriend but I think she likes me too?

i don't want to make her feel like I'm pushing her to dump her boyfriend

she talks to me all the time and I ski with her a lot. when her boyfriend isn't around she never mentions him but when he is around she acts like they are not going out when I'm around and she doesn't act like she likes me, so he don't get mad.


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  • I think maybe you should just tell her how you feel, and tel her you know she has a boyfriend... but you just had to tell her how you felt and then if she does like u, she'll dump her boyfriend. Good luck :)

    • Great...that makes sense but I told her last year when I was on the ski team but I think she had just started her relationship with him so she wasn't as interested. she has always been really nice to me and now she always wants to talk. I work with her and I ski with her because I work at a ski area. when I'm around her she doesn't talk about her boyfriend but when her boyfriend is around us ( because he works there too) she doesn't show him that she likes me.

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  • Either you can tell her how you feel or you can just ask her to hang out with you and tell her that she can bring her boyfriend if she wants


    Don't be a home wrecker dude.


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  • ok this is a bad situation but I'm not going to talk you out of it. just make sure she knows you like her. don't just drop hints just tell her you like her. just say be all "i know you probs don't wanna hear this and I don't wanna let this affect our friendship. but I guess you already know I like you right?" and just make it clear that you know she has a boyfriend and your not going to pressure her into anything

    P :)