Crush on a guy with a girlfriend?

OKay I met this guy I few months ago and we really clicked s0o0o0o yeahh we've been hanging and stuff and turns out that he has a girlfriend...NOw what should I do? SHould I leave him alone? Or keep pursing him? Ever since I found out that he had a girl friend I told him to bring his girlfriend to hang out with us and some other people but he's only brought her once of the 5 times... S0o0o0 does this mean that he's into me or should we just be friends?


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  • In response to your first question: If you want him to see you as a potential girlfriend and not just a buddy, then I would distance yourself from him, but don't discontinue your friendship. If you invite his girlfriend to join you it probably makes him feel as if you don't mind him having a girlfriend in the first place.

    In response to your second question: I think he could go either way, and since he obviously doesn't care to bring his new girl along, and wants to spend time with you, there is a definite interest.

    My question to you though is: What is it that you do while hanging out?

    I only ask this because I think what you do during these events, will tell you a lot about how he considers in regards to relationships.

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      Well we flirt a a lot and last time we hung out he was touchy feely and he had his arms all over me and we even start to kind of wrestle a little becasue I said something to him about him being sucking at snowboarding and then he tackled me into the snow

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      In that case, he is interested.

      I would be careful though. If other (BIGGER) things go on between you I wouldn't fail to remind him he has a girlfriend. This will let him know that you care about her feelings and might actually lead to the end of their relationship (as bad as that sounds, it's probably best). I know if I was his girlfriend I would not be too happy about his behavior.

      Hope that helps some.

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      Thanks it does! I know when we get alittle bit to close I push him back and laugh and tell him to remember that he has his own girl . . . giggle and one time he told me that he forgot for a moment then he hugged me again