Crush on a guy with a girlfriend?

OKay I met this guy I few months ago and we really clicked s0o0o0o yeahh we've been hanging and stuff and turns out that he has a girlfriend...NOw what should I do? SHould I leave him alone? Or keep pursing him? Ever since I found out that he had a girl friend I told him to bring his girlfriend to hang out with us and some other people but he's only brought her once of the 5 times... S0o0o0 does this mean that he's into me or should we just be friends?


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  • In response to your first question: If you want him to see you as a potential girlfriend and not just a buddy, then I would distance yourself from him, but don't discontinue your friendship. If you invite his girlfriend to join you it probably makes him feel as if you don't mind him having a girlfriend in the first place.

    In response to your second question: I think he could go either way, and since he obviously doesn't care to bring his new girl along, and wants to spend time with you, there is a definite interest.

    My question to you though is: What is it that you do while hanging out?

    I only ask this because I think what you do during these events, will tell you a lot about how he considers in regards to relationships.

    • Well we flirt a a lot and last time we hung out he was touchy feely and he had his arms all over me and we even start to kind of wrestle a little becasue I said something to him about him being sucking at snowboarding and then he tackled me into the snow

    • In that case, he is interested.

      I would be careful though. If other (BIGGER) things go on between you I wouldn't fail to remind him he has a girlfriend. This will let him know that you care about her feelings and might actually lead to the end of their relationship (as bad as that sounds, it's probably best). I know if I was his girlfriend I would not be too happy about his behavior.

      Hope that helps some.

    • Thanks it does! I know when we get alittle bit to close I push him back and laugh and tell him to remember that he has his own girl . . . giggle and one time he told me that he forgot for a moment then he hugged me again

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  • It's too early to tell what he thinks of you, but if you like this guy, and at the very least enjoy hanging out with him, I see no reason why you should keep hanging out and spending time with him. Maybe he'll break up with his current girlfriend later on, who knows, but don't stick around if you aren't at least enjoying his company.

  • if he's brought her only once out of 5 times, it sounds like she doesn't like ur friends, and or she's just busy, I asked someone out who already had a bf, I don't know if what I did after was the right thing to do but I basically just tried to ignore her amap (as much as possible) my suggestion would be to just continue what you're doing, see what he does, if he's into you, he'll dump his gf, most likely, since, most guys won't date someone who doesn't like his friends

  • I have this problem but flipped, I really like this girl but she has a boyfriend I mean we really click, like peas and carrots, we just sit there and talk all the time, but when it comes down to it she still has a boyfriend...either wait it out or go for it! and tell him how you feel


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  • i have the same deal! he's been with his girlfriend for a year and he and I are like, idk, we just work! I'm just gonna wait it out. the other problem is he lives in scotland =[

  • I had this happen plenty of times...I agree with the guys. Just stay with it for some time. Don't say anything toooo soon! Start giving him hints that your interested ((when his girl friend isn't around,of course)) flirt flirt, make him feel comfortable around him. Eventually if he does like you he'll dump her! Hope it works out

  • My friend has da same situation as u...well now the guy broke up with his girlfriend but it had nothing to do with her...well anyways before the break up my friend and the guy used to hang out and do stuff together he treated her like his it the same wit u? if it is well try to find out if he really likes his girlfriend if he doesn't or has problems with his girl well then keep on doing wut you doing but don't push it more than you already are...and in case they break up don't push it more until you think he's over the break up...BUT if he is serious with his girlfriend and they love each other don't get in the way continue hanging out with him and well back off a little but not too much. :)

    • He does treat me like his girlfriend in some ways when we go places he will insist on paying and when we went snowboarding last week he tackled me after I made a comment about him being sucky snowboard and we wrestled around for a bit we were both laugh and having fun we then sat a the bottom of the hill and talked for ever about everything and he opened up to me about his life and family and how they were having problems and he even talked to me about his girlfriend and he told me that it was getting rocky

    • Well yup exact situation as my friend there's to things you can do...u can either help him with his girlfriend OR just not get involved and wait for him to break up with her...then wait a little till he recovers...and then you go for it. Don't let him go just yet until ur certain everything is ok with his girlfriend & if doesn't get better go for it. The key is not push it too much until he is single...cuz if you push it right now people can start talking about you and calling you things.

  • Well do you think him & his girlfriend really like each other or no? If they seem as if they're really into each other it's best to just back off & let time take it's course. Eventually they might not be so much into each other as they were before & breakup. But if you're positive you really like him & you know he might kinda like you too, then go for it, this is risky because if you guys are friends you don't want to get anyone hurt. Just hang around him & his girlfriend but don't make it too obvious that you like him around his girlfriend or she'll try & make sure he doesn't like you back. But let him know that you have a thing for him at the same time respecting his relationship, I think that'd make him like you a lot more.

  • i would still hangout with him, but try to keep some space. If you really like him, you should hangout with him, but you also have to think about his girlfriend. You also might want to make sure he is not the cheating type. but if you keep hanging out with him, I'm sure everything will fall into place for you.