Why do girls like guys that ignore them?

I have a problem. It's when I start ignoring girls they come after me, but then when I like one of those girls and show interest they turn the cold shoulder?

Thank you everyone ;-)

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  • No I don't want the attention of anyone who ignores me. Doesn't work that way with me.

    • But what if the guy is rich(drives a porshe) and has a good body?

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    • Thank you for your help. Is there anything else I should know? Should I also spend less on girls, when I take them out (hopefully a serious relation)? Can you give me a general figure please? I never knew girls judged guys, so much by what they wear and drive.

    • To be honest you shouldn't spend too much on a girl. Especially one that you have not dated for very long. There isn't a specific price range on how much to spend just don't go above and beyond. I hate when guys spend too much on me its like they are trying to win me over with their money or with the gifts they give me. If she really likes you hell, you guys could have dinner on a hay stack and she'll still be happy because she's with you! THATS how you know a girl truly likes you.