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How can I make my boyfriend not want to cheat on me?

I recently read that men cheat when their partners make them feel insecure. My boyfriend calls me many times a day so I can safely assume he likes... Show More

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  • No. Not every man and not every woman are cheaters at heart, at least not in the sense I think you mean. And sometimes even if you do all the right things, your boyfriend or girlfriend will cheat on you. There's a ton of reasons why, from long distance relationships, to the person losing interest, to fights between the two, and even what's in our genes.

What Guys Said 4

  • Be confident, keep having your own life and hobbies so your intriguing and independent.

  • Trust him and give him his space. He'll appreciate it greatly and want to live up to your expectation that he is a great boyfriend by staying loyal.

  • stop reading those magazines articles they are not always true. Ask him what you can do to spice up the relationship.

What Girls Said 3

  • What the crap? All these people read questions and never post an answer, the way I see it, don't open a question up unless you're going to answer it.. Anyway, if your lover cheats he's going to do it whether or not ur sweet to him or takes care of u, it just happens sometimes it doesn't matter how good you are to them they'll still do it. My advice, chill out and enjoy your relationship down dwell on thinking about him cheating it will only make you paranoide good luck.

  • I was married 8 years and he treated me like ****. Looking back and analysing it - I was a bloody good wife and mother - yet my hubby cheated continually (even when our daughter was dying!) The amount of stamina and inner strength I had to be with my daughter AND try to keep my marriage alive was incredible! And not once did I cheat on him - I've never cheated on anybody. You ask what you can do - there is no magic potion unfortunately - 'cos if there was I would have been 1st in the queue! Love him, trust him and don't, for your sake overbear him with niceities. Be yourself. You see - people will only stay faithful if they really want to. My hubby didn't. I could be a tiger 6 nights a week - and on the 7th if I was tired - he'd go and get it if it was offered. People stay faithful because they want to be - it's a choice, love x

  • Your line of thinking is messed up sorry. It is not up to the woman to keep a man loyal and every man is not a cheater at heart. If a man cheats it's because he wants to. There is a such thing as communication..if you were to make him unhappy he can talk it out with you, it's not like he is forced to lay down with another woman. If you think you have a responsibility to keep your man loyal you are gonna be disappointed. There are 2 types of men: a man who will cheat and a man who wont. A woman can do everything right and be the perfect girl but if he has it in his heart to stray then he will and there's nothing she can do about it.

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