How can I make my boyfriend not want to cheat on me?

I recently read that men cheat when their partners make them feel insecure. My boyfriend calls me many times a day so I can safely assume he likes talking to me. But I worry if I make him feel bad about himself. The only way I ever do this is because we're long distance for the moment, I do ask him a lot of questions about who he's hanging out with, where he's going, etc. But he says he doesn't mind it, he just thinks it's bad for my mental stability. (his ex was apparently a lot worse than I am). When he talks about work I always want to hear about it, and I tell him that he's smart and will succeed in his field. I praise him sexually and physically as well. He actually says I "don't need to be so nice" all the time. I just want to make sure he feels appreciated so he doesn't stray. Any other things I should do? Because I believe every man (and some women) is a cheater at heart and it's up to the woman to keep them loyal.


Most Helpful Guy

  • No. Not every man and not every woman are cheaters at heart, at least not in the sense I think you mean. And sometimes even if you do all the right things, your boyfriend or girlfriend will cheat on you. There's a ton of reasons why, from long distance relationships, to the person losing interest, to fights between the two, and even what's in our genes.