Why do guys ignore girls they like?

Why do guys ignore girls they like?? There’s this guy I’ve known for about five years. We’ve become really good friends and have been flirting a lot back and forth to each other. We email constantly and talk on the phone for at least half an hour every now and then. The last time we saw each... Show More

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  • Nervosness fear of rejection, self doubt. When a guy who like you suddenly ignores you he is questioning himself not you. Am I over doing it. Does she think I'm annoying. Will she think I'm to clingy or desperate. Trust me I've ignored a lot of girls that I like and every time I do its one reason self doubt. Am I turning her off with my approach. If he thinks he might be annoying you he will try to figure out another route. You may think he is ignoring you but in his mind your all he probobly thinks about and his quest to make you his girl without scaring you aqay in the process

    • Thanks, that makes me feel a little better. Do guys of all age do this ignoring thing or just teens-30s? The guy in question is around 50.