He broke up with me and says we're just friends but still treats me like his girlfriend. Why?

we were going out about 4 months,i love him sooo much and then one day suddenly he broke up with me I didn't argue it,i just said okay.every since we broke up he's more affectionate ,he tells me he loves more and is just really unusually loving.okay well here comes the twist while talkin to my friend one day I figured out his sister knew my x boyfriend .she told her brother my ex boyfriend was trying to get with her!i asked him about it and he told me he only wanted to get to know her,and that he wouldn't hurt me like that.but I just can't believe that I know most people my age when they're trying to get to know someone they're not looking to be best friends..was he lying to me?and if he broke up with me why is he still treating me as if nothing ever happened?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Because honey, he is an a**hole! I'm sorry to say it but what? He dumps you and then knowing how you feel doesn't do the decent thing and give you space to heal! He doesn't want you but he doesn't want to be without you but you must know that you deserve a guy who does JUST WANT YOU! If I were you I wouldn't concern yourself with his motives when talking to your friend's sister...! I would concern yourself with the fact that he tells you he doesn't want to be your boyfriend and then continues to stick around like a bad smell! He wants his cake and to eat it and all the while it is making you feel bad! If he cared, would he really want to mess with you like this? I'm sorry if it sounds harsh honey! I don't want to but trust me, you will find better! Kick him to the curb where he belongs...