Girls and farting...Are you that scared to fart around guys?

me and my girl were laying down cuddling and she told me she had to fart. I said I didn't care and she was surprised haha. Girls, are you that scared to fart by guys?

  • I am terrified to fart by guys
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  • F*** it, let it rip!
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alright then..guys would it bother you if a girl farted in front of you.


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  • For me it depends on how comfortable I am with him. I've fart around guys I've been comfortable with. Let my say this: who would want to live with someone who you can't fart around? What are you going to do when you're married? I wouldn't want to live a life of no farting, that will make a person ill lol.

    I had a friend whose aunt has been with the same man since she was 16, she's like in her late 30's now and she does NOT fart around her husband. If she has to fart she goes to the bathroom, and they poop in different bathrooms on separate floors! Wtf? I couldn't live like that.

    But anyway, it's something I do when I'm comfortable with a person. Around girlfriends we would fart in front of each other, family we fart in front each other, and if I'm comfortable with a guy then why wouldn't I fart in front of him?

    • what has the poor guy ever done to you that you give him the "pleasure" to smell your farts? I am sorry but I find farting disgusting.

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    • Never said anything about public.

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  • it's just not cute

    • It's only cute during anal -- close to orgasm -- so no way either of you stop.

  • I don't really care. Its a normal bodily function. If farting is enough to drive a guy away, then I don't want to be with that person anyway.

    I had guys who made a huge deal about it, when they wouldn't think twice about letting it rip near me. Also my boyfriend has even farted on me, so I have no idea how someone could get offended by it.

    It's one thing if they hate all farting, but to say that only girls can't fart, that's pretty ridiculous, IMO. Unladylike? Perhaps, but it's not unhumanlike. So I don't know why it's such a big thing with some guys.

    • I am a guy that has absolutely no problem at all with a girl farting. It would not drive me away. It is bad for anyones insides to not fart when you need to, Holding it can leed to you needing to go to hospital for major operations to save your life. This is why I would rather a girl just farted as I would not want her to risk her health and I would not want a girl to get a bloated, sick and uncomfortable tummy. Some people really need to relax and give girls a break about farting. After all its only natural.

    • This should have got MHO

    • Thanks :) I just think it's silly to think women can't poop or fart. Like those are basic bodily functions, all humans do them! :P

  • I would feel weird having people around me intoxicated with my fart .. they don't smell like cupcakes ya know .. I wouldn't wanna be the reason my boyfriend would wanna open the window .. so no, I don't fart when anyone is around .. and maybe this belief is immature, but doing it is considered rude as well :)

  • eww I would never want to fart in front of anyone, especially not my man lol, its so embarrassing but then what if you fall alseep beside your boyfriend and you just fart out of nowhere, you can't stop it when your sleeping :( that's what I'm scared about.

  • not only farting, but I don't even like to use the rest room if I think he might be able to hear me pee lol my boyfriend farts around me occacionally and we laugh but I can't be so comfortable around him lol

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  • Haha I could imagine this conversation. Girlfriend says "Babe I really have to fart", Boyfriend "Just do it I don't care" Girlfriend "Are you sure you don't mind" Boyfriend "Yeah honestly it is totally fine" Girlfriend "prrrrrrrrpt" LOL

  • My girlfriend and I have farting contests. Wouldn't have it any other way.

    Some people say it's not "ladylike" but that doesn't make any sense to me. Farting isn't a guy thing, it's a human thing.

  • Its funny. My girlfriend doesn't want to fart in front of me, and when I make her laugh too hard she does and she gets really embarrassed. She's really cute and petite, so I don't really expect it. One time she was sleeping on my chest, it was quiet, and then she just let it rip like 6 times in a row in her sleep.

    At first, I thought it was hilarious. Then, I pondered whether to be disgusted or not. I figured it was cute, because she was sleeping on my chest so comfortable and unaware that she just released an unholy abomination while I would make her feel protected.

  • Girls sh*t, too.

    I know, I didn't believe this the first time I heard it... my innocence was lost after that.

    • you learn somthing new everyday =p

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    • Oh, how evil.

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