Girls and farting...Are you that scared to fart around guys?

me and my girl were laying down cuddling and she told me she had to fart. I said I didn't care and she was surprised haha. Girls, are you that scared to fart by guys?

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alright then..guys would it bother you if a girl farted in front of you.


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  • For me it depends on how comfortable I am with him. I've fart around guys I've been comfortable with. Let my say this: who would want to live with someone who you can't fart around? What are you going to do when you're married? I wouldn't want to live a life of no farting, that will make a person ill lol.

    I had a friend whose aunt has been with the same man since she was 16, she's like in her late 30's now and she does NOT fart around her husband. If she has to fart she goes to the bathroom, and they poop in different bathrooms on separate floors! Wtf? I couldn't live like that.

    But anyway, it's something I do when I'm comfortable with a person. Around girlfriends we would fart in front of each other, family we fart in front each other, and if I'm comfortable with a guy then why wouldn't I fart in front of him?

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      what has the poor guy ever done to you that you give him the "pleasure" to smell your farts? I am sorry but I find farting disgusting.

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      Not see

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      Never said anything about public.