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How to make a guy drool over you ?

Ok so this sounds mean and a little bitter but please listen to the whole story before you judge. So my best friend of three years toyed with my emotions for months then kissed me and got a girlfriend the next day. Anyways that's the nice way of explaining what happened. So I'm really pissed and want to mess with him a little. How do I make him for lack of better phrase overly attracted to me. I already know he thinks I'm pretty and such, but how do dress and act so that he'll think he missed out big time. ( by the way the girl he was dating broke up with him the next week so its not like I'm trying to break up his relationship.)

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  • Highlight what you think your body's best traits are. As shallow as it seems, shorter the skirt/shorts higher the shirt and pumps. Don't cake the makeup though, just a little mascara and eyeliner here and there are really the only make-up a guy actually notices.

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  • Waer short and hot stuff .gosh I hate it when te girl I used to like turned so hot so I missed out big time

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  • Novocaine.

  • What you gotta do is act like you're hot. Believe that you are a sexy beast and you will become one :) before that, if you have long hair curl it into sexy waves, for your eye makeup do it smoky, and as for clothes, leather skirts are hot :) And I guess expose more skin, that can make a guy drool. Over all, just go wild!