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My ex dumped me. Should I still say hello when I see him?

My ex didn't take me seriously when we were together. His behavior implied that he only wanted to have fun at the time. He ended it with me because... Show More

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  • Well my ex just smiles and says hello to me and I to her, and I don't think anything of it, I don't care anymore. So whatever he thinks shouldn't matter unless you want to get back together with him. Although if he doesn't say hi to you then he might be confused about how he feels toward you after all that time. After a month of no contact with my ex, I saw her at our college and she didn't know how to act around me. She was confused as to whether she thought she could or not. Obviously she decided she couldn't handle talking to me so we just say Hi and give each other a fake smile. The thing you have too look out for is when he tries to talk to you while mutual friends are around. If he comes up and just starts talking to everyone and not acting like he is trying to avoid talking to you, then he isn't confused anymore and has made a decision on how he feels toward you. It is sort of a test to see if you still have feelings or not, so if this happens just interact with him very slightly and don't react very much to what he says, this way you look like you are over him, which will dent his little ego because he knew you used to like him. It is like "Wait, I thought she liked me?" I have had this happen and it has worked out for me, she is definitely still confused and tries to read me while we are around friends, but I am so unresponsive and indifferent that she doesn't know what to do. It is kind of fun once you have done it a few times. It is like a game of who will break down first. Of course you will win this as long as you stay completely indifferent and passive the whole time. Maybe he'll even start showing interest again, which is a good little ego booster haha. Just don't lead him on unless you plan on actually starting something up with him again.

    • Lol...u said its "like a game of who will break down first," that's hilarious. Yea I need to boost my ego and hurt his ego this time becuz he knew I liked him a lot before but he didn't care and he hurt me regardless. You said you and ur ex stil say hello when you guys see each other. Well how would you feel if she randomly just stopped saying hi to you and acted like she didn't see you every time you guys cross paths?

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    • So just say Hey and smile and keep going on your way even if he ignores you. This shows maturity on your part and this will attract him more towards you. So if he decides to start talking to you again just play very hard to get and then when that day comes where he wants to talk about dating again, you can make your decision.

    • Yea..... your right... Thanks alot, u've been a great help & u've been the only male to answer this question..

      No matter what he does, I'm still going to say hi. I'll smile slightly but not hard enough to make it seem like I'm happy to see him. I'll do the typical, fake smile when saying hi lol... I already boosted his ego in the past and I'm not ready to do that again...

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  • He seems like an immature guy. It is not worth giving too much thought to what he is thinking. Get on with your life and treat him like any other person you know. But, do not be too friendly or unfriendly. Just be casual.

  • PLEASE say Hi, Hello, Hey, But make sure you're happy in saying it !

    None of that - shy hi's or anything.

  • Ok how big is your pride? Because if you want him t o believe that you are over him just say hi and don't even smile act like if your saying hi to anybody else and he will wonder why the cold behavior or if your really hurt and don't want to get hurt at all just don't even say hi but I think that somethings not saying anything might hint other people of what your true feelings are for example... if you didn't care you would just treat him like anyone else but since you do care you can't treat him equally and just say hi to him because it hurts you and you are afraid of rejection.

    • Ur right.. I would definitely say hi just to prove that even though he was a jerk, I got over him and moved on with my life.. and I'm happy :) So thanks for ur input..

    • My tips always works on other but never on me I'm a lost cause lol

  • ok here's what you should do don't say hi to him and just walk by him because it p*sses guys off a lot and if you keep doing it then like aweek later ay hi to him and just walk away because then he wants to talk to you lol I have a girlfriend now that does that it dirves me crazy when she does it and it makes me want her even more

  • ex's are ex's for a reason

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  • If you bump into each other, then say hi and keep walking. This shows that you are mature enough to acknowledge him, but that you are also not so needy that you want to have a conversation every time you see him. It's that simple.

    • Yea I think that's what I'll be doing. I am not planning to have any conversation with him at all. do you think I should smile while I'm saying hello or show no emotion?

    • Well don't act angry or sad, that way he'll think he's gotten to you. The best revenge is success, so smile when you say hi, but not in a flirty I-love-you-and-I-want-you-back kind of way.

    • Thank u.....That's so true and it's great advice. But I'll just give a little smile so he doesn't think I'm happy to see him..

  • If he says hi, then respond back. If you are ok and let go of your ex, you can say hi like a friend if you feel comfortable. In my own situation with friends or exes (or people I just let go of in general), I either do say hi or ignore them like they don't exist. Why do I ignore them? I don't feel the need to say hi to a stranger anymore. They are long gone from my life. I wouldn't say hi to a stranger in an elevator... unless they talked to me about the weather. lol If it's in your nature to say hi to people- anyone- I say go for it.

  • I've been in this situation before.. I see my ex at least once a week (he ended it because he thought I was too clingy, but I wasn't. Real reason? He wanted to stay home from school (and he's a college kid) to play World of Warcraft).

    Anyway. I always just say hi, and ask him how schools going, since he started going again, and that's pretty much it. And since I see him where a bunch of mutual friends are, it doesn't seem as awkward as if it would be seeing him with someone else (I kinda still have feelings for him tho. o.o).

  • If you see him say hi to him. Don't show that the breakup got to you. He'll realize how mature you are if you do this.

  • Not an answer.. but thanks all of you guys! I have a similar problem :D I guess I will say hi though he will ignore me.. last time I saw him he ignored me as if he did it on purpose, so I did not say hi too . but now I know what to do :)

  • I think you should be sugary sweet while barely giving him the time of day. NEVER be rude, it looks weak. Always be nice, but smile pretty and keep it moving. He thought you hot to ever get with you in the first place, so just keep looking good and not paying him any attention. You're too good and too busy for him anyway! Whatever you do, don't avoid him because it makes it look like he has the upper hand.

    • Thanks :) Sounds right...

      Im just curious, have you done this before? I mean it sounds like you really know what you're talking about and it's good advice...

  • yeah just say hi to him and smile. that will make him think you don't care about him anymore

  • Say hi its polite and it would seem like you dnt care anymore and that ur over it! Or just give him a smile maybe instead

  • if you don't care about getting back together it doesn't matter what he thinks of you.

    if you don't feel like saying 'hi' then don't!

  • In all honesty, people in general believe what they want to believe when it comes to situations like this. The only thing that matters is what you feel! If you are over him, say hello or don't say hello! If you still want him the same applies! You can't control what anyone else thinks! How many times have you told guys you aren't interested to hear them say you're just playing hard to get? Do whatever makes you happy because ultimately you are your priority, not him and the little world in his head! Plus if he is over you, he won't think anything of what you do or do not do as he won't care!

    • I see your point. It is a good one and a very profound one also..Its true, especially for guys, they believe whatever they want to believe...I guess I'm just worried about re-gaining my pride after he hurt it. And I boosted his ego incredibly. I just want him to know that my world does not revolve around him anymore and that I moved on...

  • Say hello when you see him, it will show that seeing him doesn't bother you and that you are mature. Not saying hi and ignoring him is a much bigger sign that you are not over it.

    • I couldn't agree more.... However, what if HE ignored me and didn't say hi? You think I should say Hi first (even if he rejected me in the past)?

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    • Well it's not like your going to chase him down just to say hello, that would be going out of your way. But saying hello when you bump into him unexpectedly is just being polite.

    • True..... I'll keep that in mind. Thank u...

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