Guys, do you always think about the girl you like?

is she always on your mind? like you loose focus and think about her all day long ? or just when you see her ?

are you guys all the same, or it differs from one to the other?

  • Yes always on my mind.
    58% (97)81% (214)72% (311)Vote
  • No, not that much.
    8% (13)3% (8)5% (21)Vote
  • Sometimes, I just forget all about her
    7% (12)3% (8)5% (20)Vote
  • She just crosses my mind once or twice a day
    27% (46)13% (35)18% (81)Vote
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what if you have never talked to her, do you still think of her ?

like if you used to see her frequently, but you have never talked?

and what if you didn't see her for a month, do you forget all about her ?


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  • When I like a girl it's very hard for me not to think about her. It can be pretty hard to concentrate in class because I'll just drift off into daydreams about her, which are actually really nice. When I see her I definitely think about her and she stays on my mind for a while afterward. I think about her right when I wake up, before I even worry about what I have to do that day. If I see or hear something that reminds me of her I start to think about her and the daydreams start. She's the last thing I think about when I'm falling asleep and I dream about her too.

    I don't know if we're all the same, but we all think about you if we like you.

    • WOW!!

      I love your answers :D

      but, what if you have never talked to her before. do you still think that much of her ??!!

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    • If I didn't see someone for a month I'd be thinking about her even more. I've been in that situation in the past and the longing gets intense. It turns out it was the girl that was just better than anyone I'd ever dated, but I think the time waited, for me, adds to the endless thoughts.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth... ; )

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  • My fiance and I just broke up. For the past 10 months we have been together, I have thought about her from the time that I wake up in the morning 'til the time that I go to bed at night. Things haven't changed much now either.

    • Ya I know how you feel me and my boyfriend jus broke up and we loved each other & its only been a month since we broke up & we just started talking again and he gets nervous,hugs me,trys to make me jealous,stares at me and talks about me 2 his friends does that mean he would still think about me and still likes me?

    • Yessssss,

      the answers say it all !!!

  • She's on my mind fairly often, but it's not constant

  • From what I used to be like and my experience with people, I'd say over 95% of guys will think of a girl they like. discluding me, by the time I am writing this only 3 boys voted option B and C.

    most guys are like what maximusprime says.

  • Can't get enough of her =)

  • there is never a day that goes by that I don't think of her. just walking down the street I can see something that reminds me of her

  • I've just recently started dating a girl, and I have been thinking about her frequently during the course of the day. Which doesn't usually happen to me, so that's been interesting to realize.

    • Haha =)...LOL

      then why don't you tell me, what if you have never talked to her?

      and what if you will not be able to see her for a month ?

      still think about her ?, or you just forget all about the girl ?

    • I know all common sense and dating logic dictates that I shouldn't feel such a connection to someone so early on, but I do. We just click on several levels, and I want to get to know this girl better. If for some reason we had to be separated for a month, I would definitely think about her, but especially so if there was no way for us to communicate.

    • NICE!!! =D

  • Someone I have never talked to? She is the type that will cross my mind like once or twice a day or only when I see her. Now a girl I always talk to and really like, on my mind all day. I can't help it but its not always sexual if that's what you're getting at. To put it in a percentage its like 40% sexual and the other 60% is like just wanting to be with her, you know be her guy but I think you guys think we think of sex like every two minutes lol which isn't true for all of us.

  • Yes, have been thinking about her for 3 months now and haven't seen her for 3 months, I think I haven't directly seen her anyway. We didn't talk but I knew she liked me, she came to where I worked just to look at me.

    It's getting to be a problem, sometimes ill be at a lab in school holding a test tube with chemicals in it and sometimes zone out because something reminded me of her. Don't think I'll forget about her for the whole year...

  • I did not say "always" on my mind, She comes in and out all day but I'm not thinking of her every second of the day. If she was "always: on my mind I would never get anything done. I wouldn't be able to work, read a book, or watch television. I don't know if it would be healthy to "always" have anyone on your mind. As long as you do think of them throughout the day but not "always".

  • I'm a month in with my girlfriend and I think about her loads. She went on holiday two weeks ago and I thought about her everyday, hoping she was having a brilliant time, missing her. Looking forward to the next time we meet.

    I don't know how I would feel after a month, I would think I would miss her loads, especially if I didn't hear from her. I would probably cry to because my heart would be aching to see her. I don't know if I am suppose to feel this after a month, but there you go.

  • there days when I jus can't stop thinking about her and then there are days when I think of her a little. I try not to obbesse over her because she lives her life and I live mine but most of the time I can't stop thinking about her because she so DAMN BEAUTIFUL

  • it depends on the guy... but we all think of the girl we like doe...

  • yes I think of a girl that I like, but something or someone finer always comes along.

  • i think once you truly like someone you will always be thinking about her because you are going to want to see her. a lot of the times your trying to think of ways to get her off your mind or ways that you could find out if she feels the same way. don't get me wrong its a good feeling but it can get annoying at times. it becomes something like an psychological addiction.

    • So true - currently fighting that now, haha.

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    • I guess talking about it just make us believe that person really likes, its not that we get him/her off our minds, its just we feel better convincing ourselves they too like us back ...

    • Yeah, same for girls too. I agree on the getting it off your mind thing, but since I am one of those people who doesn't talk about her feelings that much since it makes me uncomfortable I've decided to keep a journal and pretty much just write about any interactions between this special guy. It really helps. And it's always nice to flip through to the happy entries! :D haha

  • well hses almost always on my mind she's been on 2 deployments oversees with the national gurad and that made me really think about her

    the only time ime not thinking about her is hwen ime working and trying to get stuff done there's times were you gotta be profeshinal

  • Not one I like right now but there was one at a time. Everytime I thought of her my stomach almost burst. I felt myself thinking about her all the time. When she talked to me or hugged me I was soaring through the stars. Until she told me that she would never date someone like me. Yeah I was pretty much crushed.

  • Yes, any girl I like is always on my mind, to the point that I can't even think straight, or it interferes with my studies.

  • i do think about her as much as I can... I'm thinking of telling her that when I ask her out for real

  • I wouldn't say always on my mind, but I think about her a lot through out the day. Most things I see remind me of her, or make me wonder what she would think of it, or if she would like it. I'll see stuff about issues she finds important and it makes me think of her and what she would think about it. I used to be one of those guys who would develop a HUGE crush on a girl I'd never even talked to ( the kind of nice guy you see in comedies ). I would think about her everyday.

    Recently I fell in love with a girl like I never thought I could. Unfortunately, due to various personal circumstances we weren't able to see each other or talk to one another for about 3 months. I felt like I longed for her EVEN MORE and it seemed as if everything I saw or did reminded me of her. When I saw other couples it made me wish I had her by my side. I would notice her dream car, or her favorite flower, stickers for bands she liked; reminders of her were EVERYWHERE.

    Granted, there are men out there who don't seem to care at all, but I'd say they are the exception rather than the rule. Most men may not feel AS strongly as I do, but we do think about you a lot more than you probably realize.

  • HELL YEAH, and I'm answering so late because she is on my mind now. Its a long story, but I wish it was 6 months ago, I was the happiest man alive. And I never talked to her lol.

    • Didn't you forget about her over the summer ?....or you still like the girl as if you had just left her today ?...

      how it feels like when you think of her ? it cool, painful, or you are just waiting for the first next time to see and you will tell her the truth of the feelings you have ?

  • Its been 1 year since I stopped talking to her, still she is the first thought and the last one on any given day.

  • Yeah, for me its an all day sort of thing. I used to think it was a bit obsessive, but I guess from all the comments its not that out of the ordinary. I mean I've had crushes before, but this girl I'm in love with is more than that. I don't think she knows how strongly I feel about her, but she knows that I do like her. And once you like someone like her its hard not to think about that person. It gets even crazier when you walk by someone who carries the same scent of shampoo she uses; it instantly brings your thoughts back to her.

  • Usually I sit about and daydream and I think about her especially in class if I'm bored ill tend to think about her and just what to do and stuff with her =)

  • yes

    i think all about her every day

    i even have dreams about her

  • Yes, I have a girl in my school who I have never talked to besides the day to day work, and I just can't talk to her because I get like a nervous breakdown, she is always on my mind everything about her that most people find unattractive on her I find perfect. I literally can't stop thinking about her it's been a few months now and the feeling is non stop. I even fell into a depression because the thought of me not having her ruined me.

  • The girl I like in on my mind 24/7. I daydream about her and I catch myself always staring at her in class. Right when I wake up I see an image of her in my mind. When you like someone, its hard not to think about them.

  • I think about my girlfriend every moment nearly, but worry I'm too clingy, we've been going five months and it's getting stronger, I'm 49 by the way and not a kid, she's had way more encounters than me previously, is very independent and has lots of friends, I just really love her, but she tells me she'll never move in with a guy or marry, she says she loves me with all her heart which I find confusing, don't know wether to tell her how much I think about her as I don't want to scare her off

  • I think when a guy Love smone truly.. he keep constantly think about her... no matter how often he speaks wid her..

    like I had a FB frnd.. nd we were in love.. As I loved her turly I always keep thinking about her.. even every second of my day.. As we never met.. I nly seen her in pics.. I always dream to meet her... If I go out of my town even nly 4- 5 km away frm my place I constantly keep thinking that she will meet there.. I always made a story over my mind like how she will meet me... :)

    If i go to pick smone or drop smone... ny place ny station.. nera highway or any bus stand.. All way I use to dream tha she will meet me there,, nd I made a story how she will coming why she will coming,, nd wid whome :)

    Really being in love is very pure and very special feeling.. but Em nt so lucky..

    As we are nt together frm last 2.8 years.. means we nt speaking.. no chating had breakup.. I still had same feeling for her.. still day dreaming to meet her.. :)
    Every night When I sleep I dream that nxt morning she will be in front of me.. nt miraculously.. fr that I also Have logical story... :)

    So I think guys r think more about their grl :)

  • You know what really helped me was that I went to Canada where if your 18 ur legal I drank in the strip bar very nice woman up in london ont. I still can't forget the name of the place "Royal Landcasters" anyways it was because of this place I was able to have the confidence to get up and ask this girl out once I got back of corse & that's why they call it "liquid confidence" but I'm not telling you to go out and drink in canada cause most people a very rude over the boarder

    • In Ontario, the drinking age is 19. It's only 18 in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec.

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    • Ok I was 18 at the time but it didn't stop me from getting drunk but that bouncer was HUGE! He made me look like a kid. I'm 6'1" & he was 7'5 maybe but that's what heard from the girls my girls haha but I think it was Quebecc that was rude to me because of my skin (Mohawk)

    • Funny you say canadians are rude .. we think americans are total dickwads too! I guess it goes both ways lol.. PS. I think americans are very hospitibal don't get me wrong.. I'm just saying!

  • It differs between guys, but so you get an idea of what it's like for me, my last girlfriend broke up with me about a year or so ago (not good with dates and such), but I still think about her and love her, and we don't talk at all anymore and I've moved on and have a diff girl, I just don't think about her the same way anymore since I'm with someone else.

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  • I think about my boyfriend constantly. Which is ridiculous since in all our spare time, we are together. I think about him when I'm at school, work, just chilling with my friends. I always talk about him and I think my friends want to kill me. We've only been dating 1 month, so I don't know if I'll continue to think of him as much as I do now, when we've been dating longer, but who knows. We recently just had one of the deepest conversations we've ever had and he admitted to thinking about me always too.

  • yesss I do think a lot about the guy I like. he is number one person in my mind. every minute and sec I think of him. the days and months I donot see him. I think of him more and more.

  • i'm not a guy, but I don't just think aboiut the person I like all the time, I talk about him. my family and friends get so aggrivated because after I see him I can't stop talking about him for days. and when I'm not talking about him he's still one of the only things constantly on my mind.

  • When I like a guy, I can think about him constantly. And he's all I ever want to talk about, which annoys my friends to no end.

  • I'm a girl and when I'm in love, I always daydream about the boy I like, like... all day long XD As some people say, at first I was thinking that I was obsessed but actually it seems to be normal lol

  • guys do think about us. what else would they think of?! lol... jkjk.

    :] I'm glad guys think of us as much as us girls think about them..

  • Wow, I'm actually kind of surprised by these answers. For whatever reason I thought women were more prone to this kind of obsessive crushing, but I'm happy to hear that it happens to guys too. I'm no different. I've had a crush on a guy I barely know for almost two years and yes some days he is all I think about. Sometimes I think not knowing/talking to someone can make it even more difficult to forget about them, because as long as you don't know them there will always be the possibly that something could happen. They will always be a mystery to you and you'll think about them even more because you just want to figure them out.

  • Well I'm not a guy but I think about the guy I like constantly to the point where it gets on my nerves for thinking about him so much and wondering what he is doing and I know it gets on my friends nerves since I talk about him so much. But yes I daydream about him constantly and I'm about 100% sure that if a guy likes you he thinks about you all the damn time :)

    • Haha ....

      i do the same exactly, but I' m not sure if they think too much as girls do !!

      i wish they are really thinking that much, LOL =)

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    • That would only make them think about her more if they haven't seen her. I mean you can still like someone w/o seeing them. And yes they think about a girl they only see and have a crush on w/o talking to her.

    • And your answer means too much for me =D

      THANK YOU =D