Guys, do you always think about the girl you like?

is she always on your mind? like you loose focus and think about her all day long ? or just when you see her ?

are you guys all the same, or it differs from one to the other?

  • Yes always on my mind.
    58% (97)81% (214)72% (311)Vote
  • No, not that much.
    8% (13)3% (8)5% (21)Vote
  • Sometimes, I just forget all about her
    7% (12)3% (8)5% (20)Vote
  • She just crosses my mind once or twice a day
    27% (46)13% (35)18% (81)Vote
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what if you have never talked to her, do you still think of her ?

like if you used to see her frequently, but you have never talked?

and what if you didn't see her for a month, do you forget all about her ?


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  • When I like a girl it's very hard for me not to think about her. It can be pretty hard to concentrate in class because I'll just drift off into daydreams about her, which are actually really nice. When I see her I definitely think about her and she stays on my mind for a while afterward. I think about her right when I wake up, before I even worry about what I have to do that day. If I see or hear something that reminds me of her I start to think about her and the daydreams start. She's the last thing I think about when I'm falling asleep and I dream about her too.

    I don't know if we're all the same, but we all think about you if we like you.

    • WOW!!

      I love your answers :D

      but, what if you have never talked to her before. do you still think that much of her ??!!

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    • If I didn't see someone for a month I'd be thinking about her even more. I've been in that situation in the past and the longing gets intense. It turns out it was the girl that was just better than anyone I'd ever dated, but I think the time waited, for me, adds to the endless thoughts.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth... ; )

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What Guys Said 33

  • My fiance and I just broke up. For the past 10 months we have been together, I have thought about her from the time that I wake up in the morning 'til the time that I go to bed at night. Things haven't changed much now either.

    • Ya I know how you feel me and my boyfriend jus broke up and we loved each other & its only been a month since we broke up & we just started talking again and he gets nervous,hugs me,trys to make me jealous,stares at me and talks about me 2 his friends does that mean he would still think about me and still likes me?

    • Yessssss,

      the answers say it all !!!

  • She's on my mind fairly often, but it's not constant

  • From what I used to be like and my experience with people, I'd say over 95% of guys will think of a girl they like. discluding me, by the time I am writing this only 3 boys voted option B and C.

    most guys are like what maximusprime says.

  • Can't get enough of her =)

  • there is never a day that goes by that I don't think of her. just walking down the street I can see something that reminds me of her

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What Girls Said 8

  • I think about my boyfriend constantly. Which is ridiculous since in all our spare time, we are together. I think about him when I'm at school, work, just chilling with my friends. I always talk about him and I think my friends want to kill me. We've only been dating 1 month, so I don't know if I'll continue to think of him as much as I do now, when we've been dating longer, but who knows. We recently just had one of the deepest conversations we've ever had and he admitted to thinking about me always too.

  • yesss I do think a lot about the guy I like. he is number one person in my mind. every minute and sec I think of him. the days and months I donot see him. I think of him more and more.

  • i'm not a guy, but I don't just think aboiut the person I like all the time, I talk about him. my family and friends get so aggrivated because after I see him I can't stop talking about him for days. and when I'm not talking about him he's still one of the only things constantly on my mind.

  • When I like a guy, I can think about him constantly. And he's all I ever want to talk about, which annoys my friends to no end.

  • I'm a girl and when I'm in love, I always daydream about the boy I like, like... all day long XD As some people say, at first I was thinking that I was obsessed but actually it seems to be normal lol

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