If girls say that I'm funny, handsome, smart, yet I can't get a girlfriend for the life of me..

does that mean that my game sucks? like maybe I'm awkward or something, or don't know how to create attraction even tho I have stuff working for me? I can't explain this phenomenon any other way...is there any hope for me? I'm tired of being single, it's actually getting to be quite depressing along with repeated failures of obtaining the women of my desires :/.


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  • At least you have had the guts to ask out someone...I'm still single and hopeless...I haven't even got the guts to tell any guy how I feel. And yes...I am pretty, funny, smart, and etc...I have decided to just be bold...tell guys I like them the minute I like them! I'm bound to get a guy that way...hopefully..lol. Join the club. When you get a girl...tell me your secret...so I can use that secret to get a guy. : / I've been depressed too...it takes all I have to try my best to keep the depression at bay or distract myself from it. But sometimes...it gets reallllllly bad. :( Good luck. =)...I'm not giving up...so you shouldn't either.

    • thank you for this answer. it is strangely comforting to know that it depresses you too...so in that sense I'm normal lol. I'm taking it much harder recently because I went on a "date" (according to me) and I was pretty sure there was something there and then POOF, gone, and I don't even know why? was it something I did or didn't do? it has to be me, because it's a pattern of failure and I have to start being accountable but that doesn't help if I don't know how to change :(

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    • Definitely. I don't mind girls that talk, it's far better than the contrary. Girls that don't talk at all just make you feel really awkward. What's worse is they think in their minds it's awkward because of you! Hahahaha well anyway, glad you found someone. And yeah, whatever with that girl. She just doesn't know the extent of my awesomeness.

    • Lol..."She just doesn't know the extent of my awesomeness." There you go!...hopefully that is just you being honest and confident...not arrogant..lol. So any other girls you want to talk about? Anyone else on your radar? :)

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  • Aw! Don't worry, dude. I'm sure there are girls that like you, especially if they call you funny, handsome, and smart! Maybe they're just scared or shy. And if you think it's a problem of keeping them interested, maybe try different things. People seem to like spontaneity. At the same time, though, don't lose yourself in the pursuit of a girlfriend! With the things you don't like about your life, you should either change them or accept them. You'll find your match eventually :) don't lose hope and good luck!

    • Thanks for your kind words, but I think what's bringing me down is that initially, it does seem like some women would be interested. But it's almost like the second they get to know me, they're no longer interested? In reality, I am quite nerdy and like studying and getting good grades so maybe that's too nerdy for some girls or even possibly, intimidating?

    • Hm, so if the issue is them losing interest after getting to know you, or so you say, I'd recommend looking at what you've been doing and saying in the past to get those results. Maybe you've been talking about your own interests without asking them about theirs, maybe your body language is giving off the wrong vibe; it could be a variety of factors. I don't think studying or being nerdy is necessarily a turn off or intimidating. If I were you, I'd take a look at past experiences and examine

    • them to see any patterns. Maybe it's the type of girls you pursue, your actions or words. I guess just try to be more aware and notice when girls seem to become uninterested and it'll be easier for you to figure out a solution to your problem :)

  • You have to be doing something wrong. How do you normally approach/ talk to a girl you're interested?

    • Well normally I guess I tend to be silly/playful, and I usually get them to laugh. I prefer to get to know girls a little before asking them for their number, from there I usually text (I've read around here a lot of girls hate texting and prefer calling). This most recent girl I texted her a bit, then called her one day to ask her to hang out. I don't normally call girls and get to know them that way, 1) because I really wouldn't know what to talk about and 2) because I feel that for most girls

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    • It sounds sort of like you hold yourself back. You don't want to show too much interest because you don't want to come off desperate. The trick to not coming off desperate is to be confident. What I mean is, don't be afraid to let a girl know you like her with obvious hints (like calling her). Confident people show obvious hints, and aren't clingy. People who lack confidence are just clingy.

      Also, intelligence is NEVER a turn-off for most girls. It's a huge plus. Try going after smarter girls.

    • Woah there buddy...there is nothing abnormal about being intelligent. lol. Maybe the girls you have been going for are too dumb? ha ha. Find more intelligent ones that accept your intelligence and are not intimidated by it. Yeah...what "Thisisacomplement" said. ;) wish we could meet guy..haha..I love learning too! And I love guys who say witty things and are getting good grades...and love to read. It's a big turn on for me! =]

  • Dude...welcome to my world...except I'm a girl


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  • well, you have to come off as an attractive person or be confident in yourself. that'll make you happier and make girls want to be around you all the time. now getting a girlfriend is another story. you have to hang out with that person a lot to let them know that you are there for them rather than expecting them to come to you. get her more comfortable around you, flirt a bit while getting her comfortable so that way, she will have a sense of interest from you. Also, if she sees no progress like no touching or feeling (like playing in her hair, tickling her, doesn't have to be super sexual) then she will see the relationship as "not going anywhere" and then they give up trying.

    • Thank you for your advice. I think you're right about the "touching" part. I didn't get that much of a chance to touch her but you're right, I should have made more effort of even small little things like touching her hands here and there. We also haven't hung out nor even talked for a few days, and almost a week before that. I guess it's not going to go anywhere, which really sucks because I really liked her. :/

  • if a girl tells you that kind of stuff you have to make a move because she's definitely interested. you've already created attraction, you just have to make the first move on her (aka ask her out for dinner or whatever)

    • i do but it's like I somehow can't seal the deal. I don't know how to keep them interested. I think I might be boring or something lol.

  • yeah unfortuneately guys have to have game but girls do not

  • i hate how girls can be socially-awkward and get a guy, but guys can't

  • Very good question dude. Sounds similar. Actually what I figured out is that you and I don't have a problem with us its actually our fate that sucks & may be we are not allowed to get some yet in our lives. Really, I ve given up almost and this life,this world is a gamble & this world isn't for the straight forward people like us. Well, we can only hope lol