If girls say that I'm funny, handsome, smart, yet I can't get a girlfriend for the life of me..

does that mean that my game sucks? like maybe I'm awkward or something, or don't know how to create attraction even tho I have stuff working for me? I can't explain this phenomenon any other way...is there any hope for me? I'm tired of being single, it's actually getting to be quite depressing along with repeated failures of obtaining the women of my desires :/.

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  • At least you have had the guts to ask out someone...I'm still single and hopeless...I haven't even got the guts to tell any guy how I feel. And yes...I am pretty, funny, smart, and etc...I have decided to just be bold...tell guys I like them the minute I like them! I'm bound to get a guy that way...hopefully..lol. Join the club. When you get a girl...tell me your secret...so I can use that secret to get a guy. : / I've been depressed too...it takes all I have to try my best to keep the depression at bay or distract myself from it. But sometimes...it gets reallllllly bad. :( Good luck. =)...I'm not giving up...so you shouldn't either.

    • thank you for this answer. it is strangely comforting to know that it depresses you too...so in that sense I'm normal lol. I'm taking it much harder recently because I went on a "date" (according to me) and I was pretty sure there was something there and then POOF, gone, and I don't even know why? was it something I did or didn't do? it has to be me, because it's a pattern of failure and I have to start being accountable but that doesn't help if I don't know how to change :(

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    • Definitely. I don't mind girls that talk, it's far better than the contrary. Girls that don't talk at all just make you feel really awkward. What's worse is they think in their minds it's awkward because of you! Hahahaha well anyway, glad you found someone. And yeah, whatever with that girl. She just doesn't know the extent of my awesomeness.

    • Lol..."She just doesn't know the extent of my awesomeness." There you go!...hopefully that is just you being honest and confident...not arrogant..lol. So any other girls you want to talk about? Anyone else on your radar? :)