More important, face or body?

Most often, does your level of physical attraction for someone depend more on their face or their body? Or which do you notice or care more about?


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  • While a great body is nice, I love a face so much more. I love a girl's eyes, and the expressions she makes. There's so much more depth in it.

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  • hmmm. they go together, but I say face is more important...

  • I'm nearsighted.

    If you're fat, I won't even look to notice you have a pretty face.

  • Body. You have a hot body and a hot personality then your face is hot too.

  • In my opinion I think someones body matter more to my physical attraction.

    • because it shows signs of good health.

  • They are both important to me..but I would give her body a little more importance...(

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What Girls Said 6

  • I say face... The guy's smile and nose are the most important things for me. First off, I really find a guy totally cute just by him having cute nose xD . Also, a smile can make or brake a guy imo - he can either look like a creep or he can totally make me loose my strength on my knees.

    Of course, I think it depends on the person - there are those who value more the body, there are others who value more the face... AND, among those who value more the body, some will value more some parts and others other parts. Same thing with faces. So I don't really think you can get a "more or less average answer", I guess it'll always depend on the person...

  • I'm a sucker for a good face.Its the first thing I noticed followed by everything else.

  • For me they both go together, but since I have to choose, I would say face. That's where I'm looking most of the time anyways.

  • Not sure, they both sort of need to go together, but if I absolutely had to choose between a mediocre face/body and an very amazing body/face, I'd go for the amazing body mediocre face. I know many would disagree.

  • well a bit of both but when I look at someone the first thing I look at is their face eyes then smile.

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