Why will an attractive girl settle for an ugly guy but an attractive guy won't settle for an ugly girl?

I think it's really odd how you'll always see beautiful women with not so attractive men, Yet, you'll never see a couple where the guy is hot and the... Show More

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  • Because a man's attractiveness is not based solely on looks. I think you will find that when it comes to longer term relationships, women prefer the intangible qualities of a person such as a sense a humor, kindness, and generosity to name a few, to good looks. Women are less shallow (at times) than men and can see beyond physical features.

    Guys, well we want the intangibles too but we want it wrapped in a nice package. Perhaps that's why guys like porn so much. If they end up with an average looking girl with the intangible qualities then they're still wanting to have the package and get it by watching porn.

    • Wow, that's messed up

    • But true. Thanks for at least speaking the truth in a mature way.