If he never texts me, does that mean he doesn't like me?

I like this guy and but he never texts me, and all my friends thin he likes me, so I don't know if I should just wait till he does, or text him?


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  • if you knw he likes you , that's a good start .

    but textin is a good way to know if a dude likes you cus

    hes tryin to talk to yu more personally .

    dont txt him first , as hard as this might be .

    make him do all tha work cus if you do , he's gonna get use to it and you end up havin to do all tha work

    and that is never good .

    so just wait .

    if he really likes you , he will txt yu first cus guys love tha chase .

    they like to feel llike they can get whatever they want .

    and if you play hard to get , he'll chase you .

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      He'll chase you if you show interest in them too

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      Yes of course...

      dont act like "hey I totally don't like you !!"

      but don't act DESPERATE at tha same time