If he never texts me, does that mean he doesn't like me?

I like this guy and but he never texts me, and all my friends thin he likes me, so I don't know if I should just wait till he does, or text him?


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  • if you knw he likes you , that's a good start .

    but textin is a good way to know if a dude likes you cus

    hes tryin to talk to yu more personally .

    dont txt him first , as hard as this might be .

    make him do all tha work cus if you do , he's gonna get use to it and you end up havin to do all tha work

    and that is never good .

    so just wait .

    if he really likes you , he will txt yu first cus guys love tha chase .

    they like to feel llike they can get whatever they want .

    and if you play hard to get , he'll chase you .

    • He'll chase you if you show interest in them too

    • Yes of course...

      dont act like "hey I totally don't like you !!"

      but don't act DESPERATE at tha same time

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  • first next time you post a question add more details to it. most people I know won't be able to give good advice if they don't know the background. second if all ur friends (and I hope you mean that literally) says he likes u, he probably does. he's either too shy (probably the most likely give that little bit of info you gave me) or he's afraid u'll say no ( remember I don't know if you made it obvious that you liked him or not in front of him)

  • txt him first, be like hey.

  • we live in the 21st century, unfortunately we go by texting, unless you're old fashioned like me in that id rather talk to her on the phone than text I mean textings great and all butt I mean, really?

    he probably does like you, he's probably shy, doesn't know how to start the convo off, if he doesn't text you in a couple days, just text him saying hi

    • I find it less awkward when I text, when we have a short random convo, it ends by him never texting back...

    • Ok

  • Text him, I lost a would be girlfreind cas I took it 4 granted that she would always like me,and I never txted her now she hates me! RESULT!


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  • Just text him. Sometimes guys need a little hint. He may not know that you really like to text. It is surprising, but there are still tons of people who prefer to talk on the phone or in person rather than text.

  • I don't think that is true. A lot of boys aren't into texting, and if your friends think he likes you that's even better. Try texting him once or twice and see if he replies. Also say who you are in the text, he may not have your phone number.

    • Lol he knows my number we have talked, but I always intiate it... that's what I mean

  • 1 rule! never text a guy more then once. not a good idea. your making yourself look desperate. keep in mind that he may be busy

  • I'd think so if a guy I liked never text me, I mean, surely if a guy liked you he'd want to text you and contact you all the time. But you never know-guys are really confusing. I suppose his phone could be broke, he could have no credit or he may just be shy.

  • i say text him.

    you know for a fact that he likes you.

    & its hard, but guys really seem to like it when girls make the first move.

    if he doesn't text back, then just don't text him again.

    if he does text you back, great! but don't text him first again. he can make the move next time.

  • OMG ,the same thing happened to this guy I used to talk to, I always over-thought the situation until one day I finally asked him what his deal was, he was like I really like you I'm just not much of a texter! ITS POSSIBLE that some guys just don't like the new modern trends maybe he just wants to sit and talk to a face as oppose to developing premature arthritis by texting lol

    true story...

  • just tell him that you want him to text you more often and that maybe at least talking on the phone would be nice.

    some guys don't like to text or they might be busy

  • he probably does not know what to say first.