Why is she still on my mind?

Today is my ex-girlfriend's birthday. She broke up with me right before New Year's Eve. I soon found out that she started seeing another guy right after our break-up. It's tough because the guy is older, owns a restaurant and is just more successful in life right now. My ex kept trying to send me random friendly messages and "I'm still thinking about you" texts up until a month ago, when I cut off communication with her. I saw today that she posted a romantic birthday message on her new boyfriend's wall (he has the same birthday as her). It just sucks that I'm still stuck on her while she's been so able to move on. I've tried everything to forget about her and she still is on my mind. Is there hope left that I'll get better? Is this just a rebound relationship with this guy? Or will it last?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm sorry :/ I know it's difficult to get over someone you loved, and it might take a long time, maybe you could get rid of things that remind you of her, also you could delete her from FB and the like so you don't need to see her comments and the rest,just go out and do new things meet new people, have fun! there's more girls out there, although right now you might think there's only her, and about her relationship with him I'm not sure if it's just a rebound relationship or if it will last, we can't tell that, just try to be happy, and although it will take time to forget her believe me it will get better :) good luck x