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Why is she still on my mind?

Today is my ex-girlfriend's birthday. She broke up with me right before New Year's Eve. I soon found out that she started seeing another guy right... Show More

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  • I'm sorry :/ I know it's difficult to get over someone you loved, and it might take a long time, maybe you could get rid of things that remind you of her, also you could delete her from FB and the like so you don't need to see her comments and the rest,just go out and do new things meet new people, have fun! there's more girls out there, although right now you might think there's only her, and about her relationship with him I'm not sure if it's just a rebound relationship or if it will last, we can't tell that, just try to be happy, and although it will take time to forget her believe me it will get better :) good luck x

What Girls Said 5

  • If you want to completely rid yourself of someone, then try deleting them off of social network sites (such as fb).

    Throw away the gifts she gave you, the photos of her, anything that reminds you of her. You have to start from a clean slate.

    There is no way you can get over her and have all these things in front of you that constantly remind you of her.

  • *sighhhh* Sorry to tell you but its gona take a long time for her to get out of your mind, especially if you loved her. I suggest blocking her from FB and getting rid of averything that reminds you of her. I have been appart from my Ex and it took me about 10 months for the hurt to go away and til this say I still think about him once in a while (We've ben a year and 5 month apart) I'm guessing the only way I will officially forget him is until I fall in love again

  • I have always said the best way to get over things is when you start seeing new people. You will always have thoughts of her but when you build new relationships with new people they will start to fade.

  • there iis a posiibility that she might just be trying to make you jelaous with all the fb things ..she might even want you back..or not but for you to find out you need to complete ignore her..if she's trying to make you jelaous this will drive her nuts cause she's not getting what she wants..theres also the chance that he's just a rebound so theyll break up soon..rebound relationships don't last long:)good luck

What Guys Said 2

  • You are tearing yourself apart by looking at her Facebook. You need to delete her completely from your life and start dating other girls. Why are you even concerned about he relationship being a rebound? SHE CHOSE HIM OVER YOU! That tells you everything you need to know. She wanted him probably for a long time. You were most likely a stepping stone. She moved on long before she broke up with you, it's what they do.

    She was trying to keep you in her life and just giving you false hope and trying to lead you on to boost her ego and put herself on a pedestal, once again it's what they do. Erase her from any social site don't just block her. Throw away pictures and erase emails. Go out and start dating/banging other girls out there and stop with the feelings. You haven't tried "everything" I assure you.

    Don't be fooled by that rebound crap. There are rebounds, stepping stones, and good relationships. A relationship is a relationship. Some work and some don't no matter when you get with someone. Move on and don't look back.

  • Don't fall for the "I'm still thinking about you" line.. I know you're in a tough situation

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