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Girls: Have you ever slapped a guy and why?

i was talking with some of my roommates and they were talking about how they have been slapped for various things (mostly profane names) and was... Show More

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  • I agree with ALWAYSclassy. You have two options in that situation: you can't just sit there and take it or do something about it. What made him think he was allowed to grab a girl's ass in the first place? How come it's acceptable for a man to invade a woman's space sexually and embarass/humiliate her but a woman isn't allowed to enter a man's space physically to defend herself (defend herself as in defend her bodily integrity and security of person)? Guys will never learn what's appropriate behavior if we just don't say anything.

    I had once slapped my boyfriend during an argument when he yelled at me to "shut the f*&% up". To be fair I didn't use full force at all and it was a light to medium slap if I could call it that. I was so angry and it was completely disrespectul to talk down to me like that. There's always a nicer way to communicate a message, like "please be quiet" or "calm down".

    However, after reading this forum I feel that maybe I've got more anger than the average girl. I'm a bit of a justice freak and my boyfriend jokes that I'm a "feminist", har dee har har.

    • From reading yours.. it doesn't seem you have anger issue.. but I really am not a fan of getting physical.. because when I do.. it is serious. growing up with brothers.. etc. its hard to judge "when" a slap is justified? like for you "shut the f*** up" ...but if I said that to you and you slapped me? (genders staying both women).. I would punch you.. if a guy hit me.. I would be vengeful.. physical force would meet with physical force.. but I would never be the first to start it..

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    • I would agree with jacquesvol

    • The double-standard is that if a guy lays a finger on a girl for *any* reason, he's viewed as a monster. It's *not* acceptable for a guy to invade a woman's private space ... except in feminist textbooks that teach women how men are monsters and women are blameless.

      But neither is it acceptable for you to have slapped him. And I don't believe for a moment that you slapped him gently.

      If it's disrespectful to cuss at you, it's far more disrespectful for you to strike him.

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  • i`ve only dumped slushie on one ex-bf because he`s a douche. and um that`s about it. no I haven`t bitch slapped any guy. I pray that I don`t have to lol.

  • I've slapped my bf (then best friend) before because I told him to stop doing something or id slap him and he kept doing it, but I didn't slap him hard it was playful lol

    He's ask me to slap him as hard as I can to see if it would hurt though (I didn't cause we were at church) lol

  • I've only ever slapped once in my life and it was this douchebag, who thought it was a great idea to go ahead and grab my ass as I was walking by.

    Fekin deserved it.

  • well, I slap my friends playfully all the time! I think would be less likely to slap a guy because I hang out with a group of all guys and I understand them very well.

  • Haha yeah I really liked this unpopular guy I gave him everything got him new friends invited him to parties and how does he repay me? He got a girl I hated to call me and tell me they had sex so that I would get jealous! He showed up to a party the next day and I just wailed him one and knocked him out cold infront of everyone! LOL

    • Wow...sounds deserved though

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    • It's not okay to hit a girl! We are much smaller and do less damage and obviously her toying with your emotions didn't bother you much because you seem insensitive you laughed at her nose bleeding WTF!?! Your just a prick .. That's your girlfriend your supposed to love her. Not hit her.. I could never hurt the guy I love! The one time I slapped a guy he totally deserved it and he addmits that he deserved it too! What did your girlfriend do that was so bad?

    • Blindness was using a logical tactic to underline your hypocricy. He didn't mean he'd struck his girlfriend.

      If it's acceptable for a girl to strike a guy for toying with her emotions, then it is equally acceptable for a guy to strike a girl for playing with his emotions.

  • I haven't and I don't think that I would.

  • Yes - he literally asked if I would slap him and he kept instigating me by making fun of my cats.

  • I have slapped guys before.
    -The first time was when I was a junior in high school and my best friend's boyfriend told me I was beautiful and put his hand on my leg and was sliding it under my dress. My best friend was at this party to so I slapped him really hard and ran and told my best friend.
    -I also slapped my boyfriend in junior year that had slept with another girl after only two weeks of us being a couple.
    Yep, that's it.

    • To me that's good to know. Girls really shouldn't be subjected to guys thinking they can just grope them without consequences. When I was younger I groped a female friend of mine in public and she responded by slapping me. It's a woman's right to react that way because sometimes men just will keep pushing the boundaries. My only regret about that is that I did not apologize to her afterwards. Good for you for defending your bodies integrity at that party.

  • yes

    one time a guy said

    what can I get for a dollar

    but if I was popular he would of never said that

  • I slapped a guy once. Because he stuck his hand up my skirt, he was really drunk.

    • I think that slapping a guy who feels you up is warranted. He violated your personal space, and you have the right to defend yourself.

  • i slapped my ex because he was lying to me and cheating on me and I couldn't take it anymore I sorta just lost control :S I felt so bad after I wish I never did it lol but now its all good were friends and he knows he deserved it he broke m yheart

    • You didn't lose control. You decided to hit him, then claimed you lost control to justify physical abuse.

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    • If he pushed you up against the wall, why did you leave out that detail in your first message?

      Not fooling anyone, honeychild...

    • I would have slapped him too. This guy is a jerk.

  • I've never slapped a guy but I've hit his balls by mistake. He was tickling me and I was trying to get away laughing, I swung my handbag and it hit him. It wasn't very hard at all so I think he over-reacted lol.

  • yea, but it was just Trent and I did it cuz he was making fun of me for not being able to punch

    don't worry, I've thrown textbooks at his face, body checked him in soccer (didn't go over well for me, I ended up needing help standing) and have elbowed him on various occasions

    he's cool with it

  • Yeah but it was sort of by accident...or at least an automatic response. Some dude I just met got too touchy-feely with me because he thought that since my sister was OK with him touching her up, I wouldn't mind it at all. The look on his face was priceless. He was honestly surprised I slapped him. That of course didn't stop him from picking "play fights" with me for the rest of the day. Did I mention this was during my sister's first date with him? She wasn't allowed to go with the dude unless I went with them... x_x.

  • No but when I was younger I used to slap my girl friends because I thought they were too "slappy", whatever you call that. Not that I dislike them, I loved them. Maybe I was really weird...

    Anyway I would slap a guy if I was EXTREMELY hurt by him and he was there at the moment I was hurt...

    But my hands are so strong even though I'm thin. When I even touch someone they say ; "oucch".

    And when I slap peoples butts they scream alot.

    Im planning on doing box because Id be really good at it.

    But yes you wouldn't want me to slap you.

    • i would really like to feel a slap from you

  • No. I am not sure I would ever slap a guy.. I've been in a situation where I could have and haven't. I just think it's nice to take the classy root over the physical one.

  • I have slapped a man across the face, I don't really remember the whole reason but it was an argument and I felt that I couldn't express my anger in words so I slapped him he shutup and was belittled because that is a very nasty thing to do. But I will never do it again it was wrong he also let me know not to ever do that again! lol I took his words seriously its not good to try a man like that.

    • Is it okay for guys to slap girls when the guy can't find the words to express his emotions?

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    • "we are maternal and empathetic by nature"

      Bullsh!t. Girls have been kissing their own asses for decades with crap like that. Women are *more* likely to commit emotional abuse.

    • Girls aren't fragile little things, were just as equal as men, if I invaded a guys personal space like some guys do to girls and touch them inappropriately without consent I would want him to slap me. That kind of behavior is disgusting, he's a person, I'm a person, lets treat each other like it.

  • I have never slapped a guy. I do not resort to violence to communicate my emotions. It is not the best thing to do in any situation. Whether I have been disrespected or not, I am not a mother here to discipline the world, nor am I a dog trainer here to discipline dogs. Other then that, I have been brought up and have understood never to hit a guy, because in the end, you never know if he will hit back. and if he does.. I'm pretty sure it will be worse off for me. lol

    • If it's appropriate to ask I was just wondering if anything like that has ever happened to you. For example has as anyone ever grabbed your crotch, touched you inappropriately, call you a b*tch to your face, told you to shut the f*ck up or anything like that? I'm just curious because that would change the way you percieve these events.

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    • I hear you, I suppose I've got some anger issues lol

    • I mean.. who knows everyones different.. but prime example of me straying away from that.. is because if I told you to shut the f* up.. and you slapped me.. I would hit you back..lolol get it? cause I wouldn't hit someone for saying that to me..? blaa who knows..

  • I slapped my boyfriend when I found out he had been cheating on me. Long story short he said he needed time apart to make sure him and I were meant to be together forever... but he was really just seeing some slut and telling us both that he loved us. So, he earned that one big time. I was just so furious and hurt! Then I went after her LOL

  • I did just last night and I feel horrible about it. He and I were both drunk and had a lot of sexual tension and drama in our relationship. He started talking shit to me about a very personal matter and I told him to shut up or I slap him. He told me to slap him and I did. I felt so horrible right afterwards. His friends took him and left me standing there. I apologized many times and each time he told me not to worry about it and shit happens. Then he asked me to slap him again! I told him no and then we spent 10 mins hugging while cried like a baby on him. I still feel like shit... I don't believe in hitting and I don't. think its right for guy or girl to hit each other.

  • Haha This Is A Good Question I Have Punched My Ex In the Mouth And Busted His Lip Because He Keot Froggin My Leg And Gave Me Bout 33 Bruises! And He Hit Me On The Crotch One Time And It Hurt So Bad Left A Bruise There Too And IKinda Blacked Out And Swung And It Connected To His Mouth! Then Last Year He Made Me Mad So I Smashed His Face Into My Window Sill ANd Chipped His Front Teeth! :)) So Yes I HAVE "Slapped" A Guy! -lol-

    • I think that is more like 'beating his ass'

    • Do you have ADHD?

  • yeah I have slapped guys before. mostly if I was flirting with them I would like playfully hit their arm or something or if he was pissing me off but obviously in a joking kinda way but yea.

  • I was on a first date with a guy I had talked to for about a month. I liked him and we had a lot in common. On our date we were tipsy and kissing and he kept trying to grap my boobs. I told him to stop and kept pushing his hand away. He finally got hold of it and I slapped him. He was absolutely shocked. Said he had never been slapped and that he was scared of me. I explained I freaked out, it was our first date, etc. that I would never do that as a girlfriend. Well, he just sat there schocked, we talked a while about his past GFs and I left with a hug, no kiss, and no walking me to my car. Apparently I did something horrible because we never talk now even though we taxted alittle the next day. Wow is he over reacting or am I just some horrible violent bitch?

    • Over reacting.... you are a decent girl and I am amazedyou doubt that you had to slap him lol.

    • I would have slapped him to and I'm not a violent person at all.

  • I once slapped a guy for poking me. He was flirting with me and I was caught off guard. It wasn't accross the face it was just on the shoulder. His face was so priceless. I still feel really bad about it. It's not like I actually hurt him or anything.

  • At my 13th birthday party a few years ago, my brother was randomly pairing kids up for the slow songs (I have no clue why). And someone told him to pair me up with this guy I had a lot of issues with, (we had argued too much and gotten in tons of trouble for it) and he tried to make this big scene out of it and refused to dance with me. We started arguing for like 7 minutes, everyone stopped dancing and just starred at us. Finally I was like "so, you're gonna do this to ME at MY party?" and he was like "yeah, I'm sorry" and then I just lost it and slapped across the face. I feel like I overreacted, but I was embarrassed that it happened to me at my own party. lol xD

  • I was setup and angry and I just don't want to speak to my bf, I want a space to be on my own to calm myself down but my bf put his comfort trying to talk And stay close to me but it still doesn't help me to make me feel better so himself got pissed of and yelled at me " don't act like a bitch " I felt so annoyed by this sentence so I SLAP him on the face so hard.

  • Keeping in mind that I've never actually slapped a guy before this, I actually did it last night. My (now) ex boyfriend was caught in bed with another woman last week, by me... let me tell you how traumatic that is. It burns into your brain. Anyway, we took a few days to cool it from each other, i moved all my necessities into my mothers house... we met up and talked it out a day or two ago, and then one of my fans of my channel found his profile on an adult site... which lead to many other "married but looking" connection sites. Full frontal nudity of him, pictures he swore were only for me that he posted there the same time he sent them to me. He tried to play it off cool, which angered me even more... anyway, i stormed out the door. Then I turned around, opened it again to find him standing there, and slapped him. I didn't even give it my full force but apparently i chipped his tooth. Maybe whenever he runs his tongue along it from now on it will be a reminder of what a scumbag he is. I don't regret it. He confessed he did his ex wife the same as me, and many women before that... so this was for all of them.

  • I slapped the contact lens right out of a guys eye, he was twisting my wrists around to try and hurt me. I would never hit someone for verbal abuse.

  • Oh. I slapped my ex-boyfriend today.

    Although we are still living together, we are close and still love each other. The relationship was a little over 3 years long. We broke up recently on Valentine's Day because we need to go separate ways at the end of the semester; he's graduating and I'm transferring colleges to Hawaii and this has caused a lot of struggle (so we fought ALL the time!), so we took the pressure off by breaking up.

    TL;DR Got in a big fight with co-habiting ex over how my cleaning still isn't up to his standards (and I thought I did a GOOD job at cleaning... he is a neat freak!), at some point ex says "fuck you", it sank in for a solid two seconds and then out comes my hand--full force, open hand, and it left a welt on my palm afterwards.

    I was so tired of hearing "fuck you" from him. He used to say it all the time anytime we argued in the relationship after I constantly asked him nicely to stop because it is so disrespectful and rude to say to someone you "care" so much about. It also just pisses me the fuck off.

  • I did slap my ex boyfriend. Cause after going about for 3 year , one day he said it was over between us .(we would have conversations and were pretty passionate couple.) . He told his friends I was into sex and a slut ! .. then he kept ignoring me when I reasoned him. he wouls not pick my calls, not anwer my messages! would not meet me . I went into depression .I waited for Long time ..after which I wnt to his house . and called him down and slaped him 4 on the face ! . he used all filthy words for me . before this inceident when accoring to him without a reson ,one day he said this ! it was crazzy .its been a year now ..and I yet have to get out of that Nightmare. I still think about those days and feel I was living dead in that relationship!

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  • I got slapped once by a girl. But, she later told me she was on drugs, so while it's not an axcuse or a good reason, it sort of explains that she was so messed up she thought it'd be funny just to randomly slap someone.

    I think I just said: You're messed up... I know I turned back around, and then calmly walked to another part of the house, rubbing my face.

  • As a guy, I've never been slapped but I can honestly say that girls slap guys way too rarely. I have seen guys, both random or friends, do and say extremely inappropriate things to girls and all the girl does is look away. It never dissuades the guy, or lets him get it through his thick skull that he did anything wrong. Personally, I'd like to see girls do it more often.

    • Ah I wish I could hit the agree button like five more times.

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    • I was not using the legal definition of assault, just a general term to denote a physical attack -- but if you want to get into a legal discussion, surely you know that hitting someone for an insult is in fact a crime. Force is only to be used as a last resort. Society accepts it largely because of television (where violence against males for petty reasons is considered hilarious, and violence against females for ANY reason atrocious), but that doesn't make it acceptable.

    • Such a technical approach isn't realistic. Technically, you can get pulled over for driving 1 mph over the speed limit. Technically, you could face charges and/or a lawsuit for playfully punching your friend in the shoulder. The point is that, in light of circumstances, some things are unreasonable to consider worthy of prosecution. In this situation (which I specifically limited to a woman's reaction to an extremely inappropriate action), I'd argue that it is too minimal to prosecute.

  • I was in acting class in high school and I ended up getting rejected by a girl who I thought was into me. I got jelous and started saying bad things about her boyfriend. We ended up doing a skit together and her friend ended up slapping me so hard my face stung for the rest of the day. And it wasn't just one take that we rehearsed this scene.

    I definitely didn't expect that to happy lol. I guess I deserved it. I shouldn't have been talking bad about someone who didn't even really know me. One of several lessons I've learned via the painful slap of a woman. Oh and also don't grab girls breasts either. Learned that lesson the hard way too.

  • girls slap guys all the time and the guy sometimes likes it...

  • I saw a lot of answers here and I think most of You missed the spot .. lets say in most cases when the boy likes the girl and the girl also and they are in a middle of a flirt .. Its well known that girls like the bad boy type like Don Draper or Chuck Bass guys like that scores a lot in real life and when they get slapped or get drinked* (^.^) they don't really give a f*** they just give you a sexy inviting smile and keep doin what they do .. My question is lets suppose You like the guy You know You can't really hurt him phisicly so why slappin or drinkin ? I suspect ..Well its just a theory You are sayin to the guy by the slap .."I like you and I'm testin You lets C your startagies and if You can work harder for me .. And that's the true subject I think you should all discuess here what's standin behind the slap and what it really means actually its a behavior forum you know .. Correct me girls if I am wrong XO XO Alejandro lol ;)

  • girls want equal rights? well if a girl slaps a guy for a dumb reason, f*** ill slap her back... fair enough? yea... I think so...

    DONT HIT GUYS! dumbasses

  • Is it then okay for a guy to slap a girl when she's insulting or has cheated?

    If not, why is the double-standard acceptable?

    • Seriously? You think the average women could do anywhere as much damage as the average man? I don't think its right for stupid things like name calling but for sexual assault (groping ect), you do it and your asking to get slapped. If you don't like it don't sexually assault women and there are plenty of ways to stop a women from hitting you other than hitting you back.

      Really? ... but she did it first... hello kindergarten!

  • I have been slapped in the face a few times and I don't feel it was ever warranted. I have never cheated on a girl and I don't call people names or use pick up lines. I will explain one defining moment in my life.

    A male friend and I were playfully pushing each other down a hallway approaching a female associate. The pushes did not have the force to knock us over but perhaps to take a step back. After a push, he took a few steps and bumped into her. I felt he was acting but apologized to her anyway. She decided to approach me and slap me in the face.

    I asked her why she did that even after I said sorry. She laughed and slapped me in the face again. Clearly she thought it was funny and could do it as she pleased. I told her to stop and that she better not hit me again.

    She reached back and I drew a fist shouting Do it and I will break your f***ing nose. She saw my sincerity and backed down. I have seen first hand women abused by men. I have ran to their defense in the past and have been burned (boyfriend hits the girlfriend, I step in and get involved. The boyfriend claims I started it and the girlfriend takes his side even though she was hit).

    If a woman hits me then she steps into a man's shoes. That is, after all, equal rights. That statement only applies to me since I have stated from the beginning: I have never cheated on a girl and I don't call people names or use pick up lines. I also don't grab random ass either.

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