Girls: Have you ever slapped a guy and why?

i was talking with some of my roommates and they were talking about how they have been slapped for various things (mostly profane names) and was curious if you have slapped a guy and for what.


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  • I agree with ALWAYSclassy. You have two options in that situation: you can't just sit there and take it or do something about it. What made him think he was allowed to grab a girl's ass in the first place? How come it's acceptable for a man to invade a woman's space sexually and embarass/humiliate her but a woman isn't allowed to enter a man's space physically to defend herself (defend herself as in defend her bodily integrity and security of person)? Guys will never learn what's appropriate behavior if we just don't say anything.

    I had once slapped my boyfriend during an argument when he yelled at me to "shut the f*&% up". To be fair I didn't use full force at all and it was a light to medium slap if I could call it that. I was so angry and it was completely disrespectul to talk down to me like that. There's always a nicer way to communicate a message, like "please be quiet" or "calm down".

    However, after reading this forum I feel that maybe I've got more anger than the average girl. I'm a bit of a justice freak and my boyfriend jokes that I'm a "feminist", har dee har har.

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      From reading yours.. it doesn't seem you have anger issue.. but I really am not a fan of getting physical.. because when I do.. it is serious. growing up with brothers.. etc. its hard to judge "when" a slap is justified? like for you "shut the f*** up" ...but if I said that to you and you slapped me? (genders staying both women).. I would punch you.. if a guy hit me.. I would be vengeful.. physical force would meet with physical force.. but I would never be the first to start it..

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      I would agree with jacquesvol

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      The double-standard is that if a guy lays a finger on a girl for *any* reason, he's viewed as a monster. It's *not* acceptable for a guy to invade a woman's private space ... except in feminist textbooks that teach women how men are monsters and women are blameless.

      But neither is it acceptable for you to have slapped him. And I don't believe for a moment that you slapped him gently.

      If it's disrespectful to cuss at you, it's far more disrespectful for you to strike him.