What's with my boyfriend making fun of me?

My boyfriend makes fun of me all the time when we are with his friends, he makes fun of my driving, really anything he can and half the time he doesn't realize I'm there. I once got separated from him and his friend at a store cause of the crowd, he only realized I was gone when he had to go to work. Does he really care I'm there? Why is he making fun of me?


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  • This is just guys being friendly, its referred to as a "ribbing", when people who like each other make fun of each other in jest. Friends do it to each other all the time. Examples:

    I have a friend named John who, like you, has a hard time with directions and is always getting lost. He once even somehow took a wrong turn heading home from work and ended up in the next county. We always made fun of him for it and even made a nickname for him based off of it that we would always call him. But he knew we only meant it as friends and played along and found similar reasons to get all of us back.

    This is just the way guys are. But if he cares about you he will stop if you tell him it gets to you. It may change how he thinks of you though because to a guy, a girl's ability to take a joke can be a big deal.


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  • Youre not "one of the guys" to rib and make fun of... You're his girlfriend. Even if my boyfriend makes a joke about me, its pretty wacky... like "my girl knows her place...women belong in the kitchen!" and then when he gets the shocked looks will look all sheepish and say..."well...shes gotta be there to make sure I don't burn the house down while I'm making her dinner" Jokes like that..I don't mind at all...ahh!

    But if he was saying stuff to make me feel bad...wed have issues. Its one thing if he says something and knowing it won't bother me and will dish it right back out to him (which I do) its another if he says something that I don't think is funny at all...and he keeps on doing it. That's disrespectful.

  • That doesn't sound like someone who cares for you. Its sounds like he takes you for granted. Girl you deserve better! Don't put up with a guy like him. I would Never let my guy treat me like that. Lose him.

  • He's a douche bag, that's why. A little play is fine but he does it too often for it too just be playful. He does not honestly care and he's make fun of you because he's a prick and also because you let him. Dump him and get a better man.

  • And you let him do that because? As much of a jerk as your boyfriend sounds, you tolerate it so why should he stop? He can say what he wants about you because you let him. He's not "ribbing" you because you are his girlfriend, not one of his boys. He takes you for granted and you let him. That's not good on either of your parts and it sounds like he has little respect for you.